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Xbox TV could soften the blow of an expensive Durango

Gamasutra- Microsoft is rumored to be readying a low-cost "Xbox TV" console focused more on entertainment than games, but will the move confuse customers? Or will it ease the transition to a likely-expensive Durango? (Next-Gen, Xbox 360)

StrongMan  +   512d ago
This will not work. A low cost console with high media and social focus but less game focus(sounds like the Xbox 360) will only appeal to casuals and not the hardcore. The casuals will not pay to use free media and social features. The only reason people pay for XBL is to unlock the online portion of the games they bought. The casuals who buy the cheaper media answer social focused Xbox don't care about online multi player. Won't work.
hennessey86  +   512d ago
If the Xbox live
Fee was for gaming alone I wouldn't pay for it, you get a lot of bang for your buck with Xbox live.
Minato-Namikaze  +   512d ago
Can't bring myself to pay an extra fee for MP.
majiebeast  +   512d ago
Do tell or are we gonna go with cross game chat again?
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cl1983  +   512d ago
You underestimate human silliness.
iamnsuperman  +   512d ago
I personally do not see these consoles having such an important place in these functions like TV/demand services because TVs themselves are doing it already. Most TVs (even cheap ones) are ever more connected to the internet and I know from experience in the UK freeview with its on the demand services added on is incredible for something that is free. Obviously the latter is something that seems to be exclusive to the UK but I can see similar service being introduced into other countries as TVs become even more connected.
Godmars290  +   512d ago
"The only reason people pay for XBL is to unlock the online portion of the games they bought."
Not the way and as much as they advertise it.

Except where the PS3 was everything as advertised - not that its been properly advertised - in one package, with the 360 there are instances like the HD-DVD add-on where 360 fanboys talked up "giving people options." Nevermind that said "option" came at additional costs and even had limitations.
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rainslacker  +   512d ago
It could work, and possibly already is. This is what MS has wanted for a long time, to get into people's living rooms, and be the center of their entertainment needs. So many people disagree with me when I say this.

I think a lot of people on here either don't remember, or weren't around when MS was a bully in the pre-XBox marketplace. They didn't get slapped with multiple anti-trust suits for nothing. The people that think the Xbox brand is god's gift to gaming have no clue why the first Xbox was made in the first place, or any of the vitriol that came out before it's release because of the strategy they were using to get into people's living rooms. People used to really HATE Microsoft.

Microsoft has done well for themselves in the gaming market, and I commend them for that. They have pushed technology and competition to be better, and I don't deny that they do some things right. They have also gone to great lengths to repair their public image over the last decade, and in many ways they are a lot better than they were, to which I will also commend them for. But to people who think MS really cares about gaming, I suggest you go read up on Microsoft's history. Their only concern is money and controlling every aspect of your wallet.
gnothe1  +   511d ago
Rainslacker...the main reason MS got into gaming was because of sony...the PLAYSTATION BRAND was getting really huge...an sony was talking about replacing PC's with playstations an have the playstation as the center on the living room...an MS saw that as a threat to their empire...so the only way to stop sony from doing such was to challenge them for the living room...if sony would have just kept quite an played their hand..things probably would have been different...but sony beat their chest to much about replacing the home PC an MS wasnt gonna sit by an let that happen...
rainslacker  +   511d ago

Your right, that's why MS got into it, although it was in their plans before the Playstation brand came into existence. It should be noted that this is one reason they partnered with Sega with the Dreamcast and offering a version of WinCE on it. MS wanted to have this position for quite a while, but I think their sights early on were more PC being that center, and not something else. When Sony encroached on that premise, and made it appealing, they ended up making their own console, thus why they got into the gaming industry.
Dlacy13g  +   512d ago
Ever heard of Apple TV or Roku? a small box focused on media and social features absolutely can work. Question will be in how its priced and if they try to attach something like XBLG to it.
BlmThug  +   512d ago
The casuals, sadly, outnumber vastly the hardcore gamers. It's why theirs a much bigger emphasis on non-gaming related features because the aim is to make money, that includes Sony and Nintendo.
nukeitall  +   511d ago
Well duh! Obviously it will not appeal to the core gamer when it barely does games. It would be great as an extension of your Xbox where you would only use it for media such as Netflix, ESPN, Hulu and so on while still have the social aspect.

Think Windows Media Center extender, but only with Windows 8.

The full on SKU will be the one to appeal to core gamers, with hopefully little compromises. That is really the best of both worlds isn't it?
Soldierone  +   512d ago
No it won't, ask Sony and all the Xbox fanboys that were bashing Blu-ray and all the added features of PS3, stating they were all "not needed!!!!"

Now MS is going that route? Sony will for sure take the move of undercutting the price. Not only that you are saying Sony doesn't have access to a lot more media thanks to their giant company, and won't fight to get the same media? Then add in the fact its FREE to access it ALL on PSN and not Live....
KMCROC54  +   512d ago
Will buy one just to be able to pass judgment on it, cause unless you have tried it first hand you have no reason to judge or badmouth . Also talking the word of a friend ,family member, journalist is not the same as hand on experience.
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Belking  +   512d ago
nothing to see here folks. Until this has been confirmed by MS, this is all BS.
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dkgshiz  +   512d ago
If it doesn't focus on gaming then why bother having an "xbox" title on the name? These companies focus to much on the entertainment media part of things and forget about the games.
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talisker  +   512d ago
You should remember media features of XBL are mostly limited to two countries: US and UK. If Microsoft focuses on those features, they will limit their market target to less than 50% of what they can reach with games.
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kma2k  +   512d ago
Ive been saving for about 6 months by the time it launces hell i might be able to afford both 720 & ps4 lol, give me some launch prices & specs asap please!
GraveLord  +   511d ago
Mandatory subscription confirmed!
palaeomerus  +   511d ago
I'm not buying an expensive console. In fact I'm probably not buying into next gen for a couple of years. I'll wait around 2 years and some price drops and minor improvements (an HDMI for 360, and restoring rumble for PS3), Just like I did with this gen.
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Animal Mutha 76  +   511d ago
I'll just take the Durango/720 or whatever it's called please.

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