Hey Xbox Live, Kingdoms Of Amalur Should Probably Not Cost This Much

Kotaku: 38 Studios' financial apocalypse has been well-documented. Ultimately, no amount of auctioning and memorabilia sales could redeem all-star pitcher Curt Schilling's game development legacy. Still, you have to wonder who's behind the pricing of the downloadable version being offered on Xbox Live Games on Demand in Australia. Maybe 38 Studios' only release is a collector's item now?

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bubblebeam1273d ago

Oh ok, is this only in Australia? Maybe New Zealand as well?

I was wondering why things were so expensive. Last time I checked, Skyrim was $109.95 as well. Why do they charge this much for DOWNLOADABLE (No manual, no box, no disc) games.

I never buy downloadable versions of games when I can get the boxed edition. Arcade games are a different story.

The people who buy the 'on demand' versions are usually idiots anyway, so they figure they wouldn't tell the difference between $110 and, lets just say, $25.

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rawshack1272d ago

Yes it's in new Zealand

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LAWSON721272d ago

Everything on xbox is over priced

Captain Tuttle1272d ago

A real shame about this game and the studio. Game wasn't bad at all considering it's troubled development.