Yakuza 5 demo gameplay video

The taster of the PS3 exclusive lets you play as protagonist Kazuma Kiryu in some early stages and fights set in Fukuoka. As well as brawling, you can explore the city and even take a trip to the arcades to play a few rounds of Virtua Fighter 2.

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Blackcanary1843d ago

Has this series ever come out in English?

ZeekQuattro1843d ago

Nope. Only subtitles sadly.

Yi-Long1843d ago

... which was horrible.

I'm very glad that for the other games, they decided to just stick to Japanese with English subs, considering an english dub is often quite poor (take Shenmue for example), and if they would do an english dub, chances are they'd leave out the original Japanese language, which for many fans would absolutely be a reason to not pick up the game.

shempo1843d ago

sadly ?

they dam right keeping the original voices cause english sucks balls when they dub stuffs

go watch naruto in japanese then go watch it again in english.....HORRIBLE

r211843d ago

I've never played a yakuza game before. Does anyone know what its like?

Redempteur1843d ago

it's a city open world game where you fihgt like a badass with lots of japanese yakuza drama and plenty of wacky japanese humour for anything that doesn't concern the main scenario ..

It's packed with goodies and mini games so think at least over 100 hours of gameplay to platinium it .

r211843d ago

100 hours?! And its basically a Japanese GTA? Might give this series a try :D

P_Bomb1843d ago

Just downloaded it! Off to try it...

SoundGamer1843d ago

Good old Kazuma, just trying to make an honest living as a taxi cab driver and then a clan tries to drag him back into the Yakuza.

"Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in."