What Went Wrong In This Year's Other Military Shooter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter was a disappointment on multiple fronts. We take a deeper look at its missteps and, perhaps, the causes thereof.

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Shadowgate1999d ago

This game is great.
People don't like it because you actually have to aim.

No respawn mode is sick. This game is just to hardcore for the sheep.

Very nice story too better then COD and BF.

The reviewers got paid to blast it.

Playstation4LyFe1999d ago

^ Hipster

Dude the game is awful, its the wrong direction for a MOH game, look back at the roots, they keep trying to be like CoD, but not. It shows from the little effort they put in to try new things. CoD is a disgrace as well anyways.. its an arcade FPS.

hardcorehippiez1999d ago

what it plays nothing like cod if anything it plays like a first person socom (near better than mag did only small scale )in no respawn mode . the game controls well and has little lag. cod isnt the end all and be all of fps's there are many better and i happen to think moh is one of them.

hardcorehippiez1999d ago

absolutely nothing . while black ops 2 is a great cod , best its been for a while medal of honor is still the better game imo.

Playstation4LyFe1999d ago

MAG was perfect and SOCOM was perfection. I really don't see how you can compair a wanna be CoD/Battlefield to perfection.

hardcorehippiez1999d ago

i didnt say it was better than socom it just plays like a first person view of it and did a better job than mag simply because of the larger amount of weapons . dont get me wrong i love mag it is a great game but im a socom fan first and formost and this reminds me of that game . i like the fact that a couple of bullets or a well placed headshot and your down. this respawn crap that call of duty made popular needs to stop. if we end up getting our hand held any more through games we may as well just sit and watch cg movies. hardcore games are getting dumbed down and gamings getting ruined .

animegamingnerd1999d ago

the whole genre is starting to be the same game

yodawins1999d ago

really? battlefield, moh, cod, halo all completely different styles and gameplay....planetside 2, borderlands 2, dust 514, far cry 3 all different than each other. maybe your mixing up the over used cod with actually decent games.

animegamingnerd1999d ago

i am talking about military shooters like cod, battlefield, and medal of honor

Gamer-Z1999d ago

Simply put it wasn't Call of Duty, not that BO2 is any better its actually pretty boring.

Fil1011999d ago

errr exactly the same thing that went wrong last year it's poo.

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