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Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC: The Pros And Cons

GameInformer- Omega is Mass Effect 3's second major single-player piece of DLC, following Leviathan. It broadly deals with Aria T'Loak's return to the filthy space station she used to run, but you soon discover some other factors that complicate her rise back to power. But is the $15 DLC worth picking up? I played through it today, and these are the ups and downs that Mass Effect fans should consider. (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

grifter024  +   507d ago
$15 for 2-3 hrs like the reviewer says, holy cow...I had a longer play time in Pinnacle Station.
Megaton  +   506d ago
Yeah, the price hike isn't justified by the content at all. It's pure greed.
julia45   506d ago | Spam
MasterD919  +   506d ago
800 MS points was the norm for these packs...

With all of the flak they got on this game mixed in with the overall impression the game has now with the fans, I'm shocked that this is 1200 points.

I care about the series and want to play this, as well as the other DLC that was released, but I'll wait for the inevitable sale.

Wow....just wow.

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