PlayStation Vita Shooters: Missing the Mark

There’s something missing with PlayStation Vita: great first-person shooters that best take advantage of Vita’s dual analog sticks. For a handheld promising “console quality on the go” in advertisements, it’s a huge miss, and an even bigger miss for the millions upon millions of gamers who dominate the shooter scene and would absolutely adore a handheld that gave them their favorite genre no matter where they are. Like it or not, shooters are the real money-maker in today’s industry – Call of Duty illustrates this year in and year out – and if there’s nothing compelling on your platform hailing from that genre, it will be relegated to a niche in the west (unless, of course, you’re Nintendo).

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Anon19742001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Good article. Not just another Vita doom article for the sake of writing doom articles, this piece has a look at the current FPS games out on the Vita, looks at what went right, what went wrong and what can be done better. I found it to be an interesting piece without parroting all the same negative Vita hyperbole we see so often now. And from IGN, no less.

As popular as first person shooters are though, I don't know if mobile devices really need them. As the author stated, we're still waiting for that good, first person shooter for mobile. So far we've had 20 years of handheld gaming without a really decent first person shooter to be had, but has that really held back mobile gaming as a whole?

I imagine the 3DS will probably never see a decent first person shooter, but do we really believe that will hold back the system? However, given the older demographics that the Vita is being targeted at, a decent first person shooter certainly couldn't hurt their fortunes. The PSP didn't need to rely on FPS games to sell 70-75 million units or whatever it's at now, but this isn't the same market for handhelds that it was even 5 years ago.

What do you guys think? Is a good first person shooter just what the Vita needs or do mobile gamers care about shooters? The Vita isn't lighting Japan on fire and they're huge mobile consumers, and they'll drive to the other side of their island to avoid first person shooter games but I think there's little doubt FPS games would catch the interest of US consumers.

NukaCola2001d ago

Looking forward to KZ Mercs which is made by GG themselves.

Biggest downfall for the Vita FPS was the poor choice to let Nihilistic butcher COD and Resistance.

I am curious to see the Bioshock Vita game and if we are lucky a Fallout or Borderlands. Looking at what the iPhone Rage game looked like, I bet we could get a good shooter from id as well.

Sanquine902001d ago

Buble+ :D I think Kz mercenaries will flourish on the vita ( Hopefully they kill the touch knifing) and i hope that Nihilistic will never ever touch a vita game again. At first i thought BLOPS declassified was not so bad but after a playthrough of a couple of days i felt really hollow:S

@ bioshock game: Ken levine refuses to answer any question i think it is a dead promise from a guy who is just to arrogant. I think the multiplayer in bioshock 2 was their biggest mistake and i am so glad that they do not make the same mistake again.

I want a elder scrolls game on the vita > Like oblivion:D Or borderlands:D

JoGam2001d ago

Just wait for KillZone. I believe that game will be awesome. If not, Houston we may have a problem.

Oh_Yeah2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

A FPS on a handheld is a bad idea anyway.. It's all about them rpgs son. Borderlands and fallout being an exception of course.

a_bro2001d ago

not really, let a good developer make an FPS game, and you'll see epicness. I mean, if gaming companies can make a good 3rd person game, like Syphon Filter, and Uncharted:GA, then why not?

the problem here is poor development. its possible to make a great FPS game on the vita, the tools are there. problem is crap developers who dont care about the quality of their software.

rainslacker2001d ago

I don't think it "Needs" one, but it wouldn't hurt it either. A good game is a good game regardless of genre. Most people do play more than one genre of game, and it is nice to have choice.

The only people who say it "Needs" one are those that think that FPS is the only genre that is worth having, and the ones that think FPS is the only money maker in the industry.

Baylex2001d ago

It's not the only money maker, but it's the BIGGEST money maker!!
So any platform that has 3 or 4 good FPS is very well placed in the market. That's a fact.

rainslacker2001d ago

Saying something is a fact doesn't make it a fact and that's a fact.

It is a huge money maker though, and you are right it would help with market share, hence my original statement that it wouldn't hurt to have them.

medziarz2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

I disagree: it is just a Vita doom article, for the sake of bashing the system, it's also the second one in two days on IGN with similar appearing everywhere this week

I think certain US media is in some kind of conspiracy against Sony

Right after Black Friday these "Vita is failing and needs saving" articles started showing up everywhere.

That is right after Sony did the killer Black Friday Vita sales, especially the $180 AC3L bundle with free PSASBR on Amazon.

I THINK PS VITA CAUGHT TRACTION after that because the system is now constantly in Amazon's top60 bestsellers in video games (and wasn't anywhere in top100 since launch),
and the journos are trying to undercut it by spreading negative propaganda

CalvinKlein2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

The AC bundle has been in the top 100 on amazon since it first came out. It got to like number 30 then started going down until that deal and it went to number 1 then.

I think bundles and BF sales will help it alot but it needs to maintain some momentum and get some help in japan.

Amazon is also selling some 3g vitas with a 8 gig memory for 50$ off and they sold out of those, although I dont think they had many of them like the AC bundle that was the deal of the day on BF.

rainslacker2001d ago

I think it shows that there are plenty of people that do want one, but it's the price that's keeping them away. This is partly on Sony for not marketing it to make people see what it's worth, and possibly having that hidden memory card cost.

I think if numbers show that there is a lot more demand for it at a lower cost we could see a price cut coming. On the other hand, Sony likely has a long term plan for Vita, and there is a lot of evidence to support it will play a major roll with the PS4, so they may just keep it high for now. It all depends on what their goals are for the system.

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WeAreLegion2001d ago

I actually really enjoyed Resistance. :)

mttrackmaster382001d ago

It doesn't change the fact that it's mediocre and extremely unpolished to most.

Christopher2001d ago

to most console FPS...

Not likely to have a portable FPS be on par with the norm for consoles.

Perhaps some people understand this and enjoy them for what they are rather than expecting console quality on a portable device.

typikal822001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Too true, lots of things were completely unacceptable in the game: broken online, bad graphics and rendering, bad audio and sound effects.

When you see Uncharted on Vita, then you see this, it makes you question what went wrong.

typikal822001d ago

The more I think about it the less I enjoyed RBS. It definitely didn't live up to R3, and they went all over the place with the lore.

Retribution was a great spinoff. I really wish they would have nailed down the lore/creatures, so many different ones for so many different games.

WeAreLegion2001d ago

Very few FPS's this generation were as good as R3.

Pillsbury12001d ago

Vita can do fps well it just needs the right developers. I would more want a mgs and a GTA than anything else. I would be in vita heaven if those happen!

TheGrimOfDeath2000d ago

If a person had fun with Resistance Burning Skies or Call Of Duty Declassified. Does that mean the game sucks?