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How does a video game fall into the dreaded 'underrated' category?

The world of video games has one too many underrated titles. So how do these games become relegated to cult hits? (Beyond Good & Evil, Culture, Lollipop Chainsaw, okami, PS2, PS3, Psychonauts, Retro, Shadows of the Damned, Xbox 360)

swice  +   878d ago
Without reading the article, I'm going to guess because it didn't sell well, yet was a damn decent experience.
RockYou  +   878d ago
I love cult classics. They help me feel like a pretentious hipster...playing amazing games you probably never heard of.
e-p-ayeaH  +   878d ago
as long the games good fun im up for it.
Soldierone  +   878d ago
The easiest way is to release a really good game next to a casual hit. For example release a new fresh IP the same day as Call of Duty and have a lack of advertising for it. Keep it at 60 dollars, and bam you will have an under rated game because everyone is paying 60 dollars for COD.
Reverent  +   878d ago
Psychonauts was sooo awesome...
Hicken  +   878d ago
Is "underrated" dreaded? It's sort of a shame, but I don't think it's dreaded.
wita  +   878d ago
It makes me sad that people chock Beyond Good & Evil up to a Zelda clone.

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