Need For Speed Most Wanted Vita Review - Millenium

Millenium writes : "Gentlemen start your engine, Most Wanted is a game recommended for hardcore players"

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mcstorm1845d ago

Im not a nfs fan but decided to pick this up on my psv and i have to say im impressed with it.

I only have about 30 mins a morning and evening playing the game but it makes my journey into work alot more fun.

I think anyone who likes car games and has a psv should pick this game up.

Hicken1845d ago

But I thought the Vita didn't have any games with getting...

El_Colombiano1845d ago

I have put 8 hours in so far. Damn good game. I want PS Vita releases of every major game just like this.

Tidybrutes1844d ago

A must play for anyone who likes Racing games and has a Vita.

I love it and im not usually into racing games, my only gripe with it is sometimes cars approaching you head on the light coming from the headlights can look a little pixelated but does not really affect the gameplay, its still an awesome game.