BBC News: How the PS3 led Blu-ray's triumph

The next-generation DVD format war is over, and the future is Blu-ray.

Ever since the two rival high definition DVD systems were launched in 2006 - Sony's Blu-ray and Toshiba's HD DVD - there could only be one winner.

In a re-run of the VHS and Betamax video cassette battle of the early 1980s, each raced to win over both the home consumer and the big Hollywood film studios.

Toshiba's announcement that it is to stop production of HD DVD players leaves the way clear for Blu-ray to become the industry standard.

Yet how did Toshiba fail while Sony succeeded?

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Skerj3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Hah it's over, so many from the past few years have to eat their words and admit they were wrong. How many will actually do so and give credit where it's due? That digital distribution boat seems to have docked and is awaiting more passengers. ..In any case good, now we can all move on and I can get Transformers and the Matrix Trilogy on BluRay.

Hopefully this news will fuel more systems being picked up and the PS3 can stop being the snaggle toothed step child in multiplat releases (EA!!).

The Wood3685d ago

they WILL have to work in unison as we all like to move or back things up.

classic case of 2 birds 1 stone. What a risk, what a payoff

Xeikon3685d ago

Virgin Broadband 10Mb unlimited downloads £11.50/month
Western Digital external 1TB HDD £159.99
Newsgroups and Torrents £0
The look on Sony's face.
Priceless View

The Wood3685d ago

maybe not being able to sell things on or borrow stuff to your mates (if you have any) doesn't bother you but it bothers many my friend. DD will increase ill give you that, psn and xbl are testament to that but a hard copy of large media will be here for a long long time. Get used to it.

Xeikon3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

With an external HDD it's easy to copy the files for any friends that want them. Depending on wether they are 720p or 1080p files. You could burn them onto a single layer DVD too.

For specific reasons I won't be downloading this stuff. Yet most of these sites have servers in country's where the MPAA and RIAA have no jurisdiction. So it's easy enough to have one person use his computer to download everything and then copy it for everybody else. The distribution would not be done online and would be untraceable.

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she00win993685d ago

because of the name Sony that's why..

Fishy Fingers3685d ago

Ive been listening to BBC Radio 1 all morning and they've stated that the war is over and Blu-Ray is the one to buy.

This is great news for "normal" people, now they know where to invest their money and we can all start to enjoy the benefits of HD media.

Regarding the article, of course the PS3 has helped push BR to where it is now, Sony took a huge gamble and its obviously paid off for them, but Sony have been leading hardware technology for a long time so im not sure why anyone should be surprised by the news.

paul_war3685d ago

Same here, it was the 2nd news article at 12:45. Guess they want to sell more Planet Earth!!

ravinash3685d ago

Hats off to Sony, they really played their cards well.

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The story is too old to be commented.