Does the PS4 Need to Do More Than Push Polygons?

Push Square: "Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime reckons that Sony will need to do more than manufacture cutting edge technology in order to compete with the Wii U. The executive was responding to a query regarding the longevity of the recently released platform once the next generation console eventually arrives.

"Do you agree with Fils-Aime’s insinuation that hardware advancements are not enough to facilitate new experiences alone? Would you like to see Sony experiment with new input devices for the PlayStation 4?"

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wishingW3L1250d ago


Ai, physics, frame-rate > gimmicks

bicfitness1249d ago

I would be fine with mid-high (2011/12 "high") end PC-code friendly box, with a STANDARD controller. And Move and all that other crap as peripherals on the side. Add some Gaikai backwards compatibility or a Cell chip if they're cheap enough and a decent HDD and I'm good.

Information Minister1249d ago

And this is exactly why I will not be an early adopter for next gen.

All I want to do is play games the same way I've been doing for the past 20 years: comfortably sitting in the couch with a controller between my hands. I don't want gimmicks, I don't want new ways to be nickel and dimmed and I already have quite enough "content and services". I just want games and I will wait to see which manufacturer remains loyal to hardcore gamers.

Jinkies1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

I just want them to have the tec so someone like ND for example got have destructible like enviroments in Uncharted 4.

Imagine what the online would be like, you chuck a grenade in an old stone-ruined house and just crumbles, fiering a RPG into a building would blow a massive hole in it or if you have a map with a massive tower you could blow the support beams off at the bottom and the whole thing would collapse, crushing players - maybe differnt ways so the enviroment would always be differn't, it could just crumble or it could fall sideways and crash into another building
It would be awesome...

Roper3161249d ago

since all I want is games for me personally the answer would be no it doesn't. I could not careless about twatter, facebook & all that other social BS which is not need on a GAMING console. I also could not careless about gimmicky controllers either which is a ninety trademark the last 2 gens for them. As long as the PS4 has good core games I am / will be a happy camper.

TheBrit1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

But the problem is they are no longer considered "Gaming Consoles" they are "Entertainment Hubs" designed to be your one-stop living room entertainment source.

So get ready because a boat load more of the apps that are not game related are on their way.

Interestingly enough though, MS have removed twitter and Facebook from the console.

rainslacker1249d ago

Sony's consoles have always been about gaming first. The other stuff is nice and convenient to have though. I wouldn't want them to remove those features as it would hurt them in the marketplace. A lot of people look for that kind of stuff, and it only helps them. The thing is having all those extras doesn't mean that it can't still be a gaming platform, as the PS3/Vita/360 already shows. It's how the company balances those features against it's most important use(playing games) that matters.

cervantes991249d ago

Better graphics, physics, AI, 60FPS at 1080P!

My TV, phone and tablet have all the other social aspects should I need them.

Cross Game Chat is a must only to shut the naysayers up - I don't understand it personally, but it would be a great feature for those who want it.

Eyeco1249d ago

I want better performance if anything, allot of games this gen struggle running 30 fps at 720p believe it or not, 60 fps/1080p as a standard for most games is a HUGE jump to make next gen considering where we are right now,

I'm not too knowledgeable on the technical, spec side of things but from what i've read on PC gaming forums maybe more RAM would help next gen consoles ? if anyone wants to school me please PM i'm generally interested in this.

cervantes991249d ago

Hi Eyeco,

If rumors are to be believed, Sony is equipping the PS4 with the hardware to run all games at 1080P 60FPS and in 3D if the user desires. Most assuredly more RAM will be included as well which will help frame rates and texture quality in games. This goes for the next Xbox too.

I hope the rumors are true (I'm guessing they are pretty accurate in this regard)

Uncharted 4 in 1080P and 60FPS with High Resolution Textures - I sure hope so :)

Pillsbury11249d ago

It's only gonna do everything and more.

sjaakiejj1249d ago

To me no. If I wanted a different controller, I'd buy a different controller. If I want better graphics, I buy new hardware.

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