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The Club may not set the world on fire with innovative gameplay, but its combination of a solid gameplay mechanic, streamlined control system and the ability to unleash your inner hardcore gamer make it a refreshing piece of hyper-kinetic action gaming... The Club is so excellent at capturing the essence of old-school arcade gaming that you might find yourself trying to shove dollar coins into your console.

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Fishy Fingers3655d ago

The only advice i can offer is.... please for the love of god try the demo or rent it before dropping £40 on this game.

It seems to be a love/hate type of thing, personally im leaning toward hate!

Keowrath3655d ago

Yeah, I downloaded the demo, played it once, let a mate play it then removed all traces of the game so it didn't leave a stain.

I like PGR but please, go back to racing games, I hated this game with a vengeance. I didn't like the character designs, level in the demo seemed bland as hell. I dunno, I just couldn't find one thing in the demo I actually liked.

7.5 is about 7 more than I would score it =)