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Controlling It Or Us: Game-Modo's Favorite Gaming Controllers

Over the years people have been blessed with some rather innovative control methods for playing video games. The Game-Modo guys look through their box of game controllers and share with you the best of the bunch.

Whats your favourite Gaming Controller and why? (Arcade, Culture, PC, PS3, Retro, Tech, Xbox 360)

That-Guy  +   591d ago
The GameCube controller, awesome in every way.
zero_cool  +   591d ago
This controller below is my personal favorite game controller

P.S..it's ergonomic design speaks for itself folks!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

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tachy0n  +   591d ago
the Playstation Dualshock controller is such a boss that even most of PC gamepad manufacturers like Logitech prefer to use its layout!!!!
mamotte  +   591d ago
The n64 controller for me. I know, it's weird, it's kinda ugly, the stick get damaged quickly... but that bizarre form is just priceless. And the Z button is plain genious.
Tzunoy  +   591d ago
Xbox360 controller and Supernintendo.

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