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CliffyB "doing something special" at this year's VGAs

Cliff Bleszinski will be at the VGAs this year. And he'll be "doing something special", according to Geoff Keighley. (Culture, Industry, VGA's 2012)

onyoursistersback  +   947d ago
Not showing up! Lol
He said we was done with gaming
Jinkies  +   947d ago
Yeah I thought he was aswell

Something Special....oh you mean like Fortnite which he hyped up a ton only to leave us feeling dissapointed
porkChop  +   947d ago
He never said he was done with gaming. He said he's moving on to the next stage in his career, but right now he's taking a "much needed break".
Zuperman  +   947d ago
If he does show up,its just a tease and all talk.
That's all what VGA's are all about, just teasing.
ShinMaster  +   947d ago
Thought he was done with gaming. I guess he wasn't done with the attention.

All he's gonna do is talk and make snarky comments, as always. The "special" part will probably be a narcissistic gaming tribute of sorts to himself, since he's supposed to be done with gaming.
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ab5olut10n  +   947d ago
is it the moonwalk?

I bet it's the moonwalk.
Blastoise  +   947d ago
I hear he's planning a magic show
Bar_Brothers  +   947d ago
He probably joined MS for their new Next Gen Studios
Or just joined Activision.
majiebeast  +   947d ago
Microsoft still makes games without kinect?
Jek_Porkins  +   947d ago
Didn't they just release the most anticipated exclusive of the year in Halo 4?

Come to think of it, out of 20 studios I can only think of one that actually made a Kinect game this year, which was Lionhead and Fable The Journey.

Anything else was second or third party. It almost makes you think those crazy guys at Microsoft are up to working on next gen games or something huh?

On topic a bit, Cliffy B has been traveling the world with his new wife, but I'm sure he'll be into gaming in one form or another eventually. He's a great front-man for a gaming company, I wish him luck wherever he goes.
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stuntman_mike  +   947d ago
Getting his finger caught in another trigger of a gun and crying like a bitch lol.

or doing everyone a favour and knocking out geoff kieghly live on tv..
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bubblebeam  +   947d ago
KO Geoff Kieghly please. Then a guy in a doritos costume KO's Cliffy. That way, everyone is happy. Except for that douche Kieghly...
Walker   947d ago | Immature | show
BitbyDeath  +   947d ago
Maybe he'll beg for his old job back?
Sp1d3ynut  +   947d ago
He's going to announce he's going to work for Activision, and will head up a new spin-off franchise titled 'Call of Duty: Years of Whore' .
iamnsuperman  +   947d ago
I hope he is coming on stage and slapping Geoff in the face with a bag of doritos dressed up in a mountain dew costume. Seriously though the VGAs are a joke. Its less about awards and more about teasers and the teasers tend not to be that good (it really shouldn't be about reveals anyway)
konnerbllb  +   947d ago
Even he doesn't know what he's doing.

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black911  +   947d ago
mananimal  +   946d ago
yeah Like not showing up!, lol, that would be awesome!, just disappear, turn around start walking, just keep going, going going gone until no longer visible...lol

Im not sure which one I detest more Molyneaux , Cliffy B, or that fat tub of lard who owns STEAM & VALVE..... All the Above? yes.
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