Unreal Tournament 3 has shipped over 1.2 million units

Midway Games has confirmed that Unreal Tournament 3 for PlayStation 3 will hit Europe on Friday February 22, and the PC and PS3 releases of the game has shipped over 1.2 million units worldwide.

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solar3779d ago

i bought ut3 for the ps3 and was disappointed with the lag and lack of servers avail. whenever i tried to connect to a midway server game would for server game would crash...hell i changed some game option game would crash...needless to say the fustration wasnt worth my time.

achira3779d ago

dont talk trash out of you ass. the game is fine, and it never crashes, especially not because of servers.

Blademask3779d ago

UT3 runs fine. Servers are plentiful.

more fud throwing.

achira3779d ago

by the way this game is fantastic.

Keowrath3779d ago

I can't say what type of game experience you've had with UT3 but I know my own has been hastle free and extremely smooth. I imported the game and have had no problem joining and playing US matches.

Maybe it's your own network or ISP that has the issue?

solar3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

wow seriously? seriously? so no one on this site can have a bad expirence with a game? ut3 was one of my most anticipated games last year. got it release day. i used to play the hell outta the first UT. i have problems, now im a troll. u 2 are acting like idiots...and i know ur smarter than that. not u seem like a smart cat.
@ Keo

no it wasnt my ip. i the lag was the same using bith wireless and hard wire connections. PC gaming was smooth as silk.

Blademask3779d ago

Everyone has had a bad experience with online game/games in general. You stated specific issues with your UT3 experience, and you said it in a way to not illustrate that it is JUST YOU.

My Unreal NEVER crashes when searching for a game, Online games lag once in a blue moon, and the player will timeout. Not the entire match.. UNLESS they are the host. I've never crashed when connecting to a Midway Server either. Finding games is amazingly simple. Just like warhawk.

We aren't making stuff up. I'm not saying that you are either. I'm just letting you know that everyone playing UT3 online w/o crashing is having a great time. Something is wrong with your PS3, or your copy.

Keowrath3779d ago

Heh, everyone has a different setup when it comes to networks, pc's, game systems and tv's. I've read your posts before and never found them to be fanboyish so when you say you're having a problem I believe you. In my experience of the game though it's been pretty much flawless but I have seen issues in other games which is why I asked if it was down to your network or ISP.

UT is and has always been possibly my favourite FPS game, I couldn't wait for the game on PS3 (hence the import) so I can feel your pain if you're having a bum time with it. Have you tried refreshing your network setup on the PS3, sometimes I find my network kinda slows down not even able to sign in at some points. I just re-run the network setup until I get a NAT2 and it's usually free of problems.

solar3779d ago

no hard feelings man. but u werent at my house when i was expirencing the problems. unless u were in my fridge drinking my beer :P. for the first couple of times i played it ran great...the next 20 times it was a fussy sob. i wanted nothing more than to have it run like others did. but to accuse me of throwing fud for my bad expirence was lame.

@ keo

thx for the kind words. im no way fanboyish.

Kleptic3779d ago

never crashed once for me...been playing it since Christmas day...

it lags at times just like any other p2p game, but the dedicated servers are great...UE3 is definitely not the best for online, but UT3 is by far the best running game using it so far...

the mods are really starting to get cool though...can't wait for the upcoming contests...

Qbanboi3779d ago

Man, it never crashed for me. I had a little lag, like 2 o 3 times in like 2 months i had played it. But never crashed. Even when i'm playing in a server with like 15 mods on it.


solar3779d ago

well im glad u guys are having good expirences with the game. i have since traded in my copy for Rock Band and get my online gaming fix with TF:2.

kid from brooklyn3779d ago

I have some problems as well when joing a midway_psn server....My screen freezes and I have to restart to play. Just don't join one of those servers and you should be good to go. Also recently I have been trying to join the midway severs in the hundreds like midway_119 for instance and I keep getting a message package "CORE" not downloadable. Anybody know what this is or where I can get it? This game is unbelievable btw and everyone who likes online shooters should not hesitate to pick up this monster.

sonarus3779d ago

i have never had problems trying to find servers. I havent played UT in a bit though maybe the problems are new but i havent experienced them

solidt123778d ago

I bought it day one and I never had any problems connecting to servers. Get out of here hater.

[email protected]3778d ago

Not problem here. run smooth and flawless.

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Fishy Fingers3779d ago

i have spend countless hours fragging on UT (and getting fragged myself lol), sure it might not have alot of depth, the story is poor, the single player is basically nothing more than training but, and its the most important but, its FUN, super FUN infact, and with a huge community backing the game up you'll never get bored of the same old map rotation or game type.

I fully recommend any PS3 owning FPS fan to pick this game up, forget about how many copies were sold or what scores some website gave it, give it a rent, i promise you'll enjoy yourself!


Also, just a question... Why does everyone on this site care sooooo much about sales figures?? Is this place for Sony/MS exec's or something because i thought it was for gamers?

Blademask3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Sales figures in 07 were a way for 360 -zealots- to justify their purchase.

The logic was:

"The 360 is selling more than the PS3, this means its better. And that I made the right choice!"

You can apply that the hardware/software.

Now that the #'s are in Sony's favor. I'm betting the entire argument will go away, and it will move onto something else. Like image filtering after zooming in 5x to see if 1 pixel is true white.. or something.

Keowrath3779d ago

Not everyone on the site is bothered about sales figures. I made a post regarding the figures of DMC4 (congratulating the game in general not for PS3 or 360 release) because I'm a fan of the series and i'm honestly pleased to see it doing well.

Most cases here though use the figures to try to get one up on the competitors console. "Haha our version sold 3 more copies than your version so you suck" etc etc.

Honestly, when I see sale figure threads I expect to see more posts in the open zone than the gamer zone but sadly that's not the case.

heyheyhey3779d ago


bubbles for you- your an excellent addition to n4g

i too spent many hours fragging in UT2004, i especially liked the adrenaline that allowed to jump around like crazy

the UT series deserves more praise- its one of the most enjoyable online experiences there is especially with all the mods and stuff

fredy3779d ago

good post btw, but just do some research and you'll see them same faboys trying to answer ur question one-sided, are the same ones that do the opposite and be hypocrites.

its nothing

and solar you seen genuine, just watch what you say about sony and ps3, everything is suppose to be perfect. your disrupting the flow, i guess

adalwolfe3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Sales figures are important. Look at how the sales of blueray players made it the winning format. If one consoles software outsells another consistantly, the developers will focus primarilly on the dominate console (the same way movie studios move over to the winning format) and give ported versions of their game to the secondary which are normally not as high quality.

Having persistant lower sales will greatly impact a console over time, it won't be noticeable the first year, maybe not in the second, but when the developers are watching for patterns, and when they see one they will react to it quickly. Unfortunately for the ps3 at this time, many of the owners purchased it for blueray movies instead of games (as shown by sales)... this may change this year. If it does not though you will see a very sharp decline in 3rd party developers making exclusive titles for it, such as epic or rockstar.. or even putting much focus in the developements of their ports..

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LaChance3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

whats the margin between shipped and sold in general ?
Anyways good performance because according to the charts it looked like it flopped

jctoyou3779d ago

it cant have flopped when it has only been released in just one region,lets see what the figures are in a months time when all of europe finally gets it then we will know better!

Genki3779d ago

that's nice to know...*yawn*

Fishy Fingers3779d ago

Shipped/Sold... makes no difference to you or me, the player.

kalistyles3779d ago

Good to see that UT3 is doing well and it will only get better as it is released in Europe in the next couple days. As for the system crashing, I have never had 1 problem with UT3. I would like to play it more if it weren't for that damn Call of Duty 4 game. I can't get that game out of my PS3. I think I need counceling for that game. LOL!

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