NowGamer:Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC Review

NG:Where most developers would perhaps phone in their later DLC packs, the Battlefield 3 developer has continued to provide support regularly throughout the game’s lifetime – even if that support does sometimes result in the ire of BF3 fans.

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ddurand12006d ago

their best expansion to date (for bf3)

Nafon2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

The picture's from End Game... I have to wait a week to play Aftermath...

dkgshiz2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Me and a buddy played it last night. Very good maps. I love Scavenger mode due to it basically being traditional to old school shooters with finding weapons. I prefer it over Rush or any of them. The crossbows stink in my opinion as I kind of knew they would. I really didn't see the point of adding them. The sound glitch also seems to finally be fixed after 13+ months. Dice really needs to hire better programmers or something. They are beyond slow with their patches.

Kyosuke_Sanada2006d ago

Really loving the new maps but a lot of time while I am traversing the rubble I end up having flashbacks of Backstab and Deadly Pass which is a good thing.

I hope they patch the scan bolt to react like the tracer gun.

Hufandpuf2006d ago

I think we need to make a petition to bring Backstab to BF3. That was the most popular map on BF:MC.

Detoxx2006d ago

This DLC is a 9! Best DLC untill now in my opinion

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