Did Microsoft ever truly care for HD DVD?

HD DVD bid its farewell earlier this morning at a Tokyo press conference where Toshiba officially discontinued its HD DVD businesses.

Though Toshiba has come forward and made clear its stance on the now concluded format war, Microsoft, another assumed backer of HD DVD has so far kept fairly quiet. From the only statement to come from Microsoft, it seems that Microsoft isn't all too fussed about HD DVD's painful death.

However, Microsoft reiterates its commitment to give consumers high definition movies. Hold on, if HD DVD is dead and buried and Blu-ray isn't available on the Xbox 360, what exactly does Microsoft mean?

As movie director Michael Bay stated in his public blog toward the end of 2007, "Time will tell and you will see the truth." Has time now revealed the truth?

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adalwolfe3831d ago

I don't think microsoft have ever been invested in HD-DVD. The only reason they had support for it over blueray was to force Sony to drop prices to compete, and to hopefully advance far enough in video streaming/digital downloads for format types to be a non-issue. Microsoft have always stated they would create a blueray addon if HD-dvd did not win the war. Microsoft did not even bother lowering the price of the hd-dvd addon until it was much to late. (ie An addon for 200 dollars, when people could buy a complete hd player for 100 4 mths ago?!) I don't think they cared at all if it sold, let alone if it won..

If they would of dropped the hd addon to 50-100 dollars half a year ago toshiba could of won the war. Now the addons won't sell at all...

gamesblow3831d ago

This could jsut be me... but I think you're giving Microsoft way to much credit here. As a matter of fact, I think someone needs to put a charge off on the credit you just gave them.

But that's just my two cents.

InYourMom3831d ago

@1.1: And your 2 cents is worth about .5 cent

MS knew HD was growing, they knew Sony's plan but also were familiar with how inferior Blu-ray was at the time the 360 was being designed. Heck, they still haven't got their spec down yet and are still catching up to what HD-DVD offered. So MS picked the best format and finished format at the time, simple as that. Having Blew-ray backed by Sony also was something I don't think MS wanted to allie itself with(or vice versa).

Just as long as MS focuses on games first and HD format's second they will continue to get my business and gaming $$$.

gamesblow3831d ago

Well, that's your opinion and that's great.. I feel it's wrong, but that's my .5 cents, I suppose.

Also, you can't play games all the time... You're gonna have to find something else to do and the xbox 360 just doesn't offer up that kind of diversity. The ps3, it does.

Good day, though... By the way, lovely name. "looks around"

Gina-get-u3831d ago

People don't realize this, but MS also stands to gain from the mass adoption of blu-ray. The BD-rom standard requires mandatory support for the VC1 video codec, which was developed primarily by MS, so MS will also participate in BD-rom royalties as a member of the patent pool. Studios can avoid paying MS more royalties by encoding in MPEG4, but a lot of releases will use VC1 because playback is already natively supported by Windows Vista.

whengeeksgobad3831d ago

You are absolutely right but its hurts too many fanboy ears to hear it, hence the disagrees for stating PURE FACT. Futhermore MS only cared for hd-dvd as much as much as they got kickbacks for their HD-I being used over the java based solution sony wanted to use for their interactivity. People don't like hearing that either. Its always very black and white, Sony vs MS when it was Toshiba vs Sony from the very start. MS stands to benefit any way the pie is sliced, so in many ways, they played it well...kinda. They got their money on the add-ons sold. They got their royalties for every HD-DVD utilizing the interactivity they authored, AND they get their duckets any time VC-1 is used for HD encodes (warner bros has used vc-1 for nearly all if not all of their movies on either format thus far.

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Fishy Fingers3831d ago

Did gamers ever care about dvd formats? Im sorry but this site seems to have more threads regarding them than games.

toughNAME3831d ago

Some gamers feel the need to cling to other things when their console of choice isn't doing so hot.

And I agree with you, from day one I haven't given a damn.

I'll play my games instead.

InYourMom3831d ago

right on the mark ToughNAME.

spoiled93831d ago

You obviously cared enough to make a post on this subject.

mintaro3831d ago

short answer: no, at least in my opinion

v1c1ous3831d ago

it's like....

if you had to choose between a kick in the balls or a punch in the face.

you won't like both options, but you gotta go with the one that hurts less?

killax35633831d ago

What you wrote is so funny. I definately L-ed OL.

Groo3831d ago

I don't care thats for sure

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