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War Z Devs To "Abandon The Game In Six Months" If Not Profitable

A former War Z forum mod by the name of Devin has revealed behind the scenes details including how the developers randomly ban accounts of players they'll know who'll pay, and plans to abandon the game if it doesn't become profitable within 6 months. (PC, The War Z)

Hard to tell
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Trunkz Jr  +   1042d ago
It had Potential, but if you can't ban hackers because you feel your game will lose profit then your one messed up company...
kesvalk  +   1042d ago
sorry to break it to you, but every mmo is like that, they only ban (i mean, a permanent ban) if the guy made something so fucked up that had made then lose their profit (or is dangerous to their image)

ppl that speed hack on wow are back in some days after it, same with dupers and other cheaters, the ppl they ban is ppl that got free gold, got items that you would only be able to reasonably get with cash shop boosters and so on.

welcome to the mmo industry, where you pay 100x more for 100x less.
ATi_Elite  +   1042d ago
1. WarZ is a direct port over from War Inc.

No Sht! we already knew that!

2. The developers ban accounts of players they know will pay again

there have been lots of non hacking gamers Perma Banned....but maybe their accounts were hacked!

3. The majority of the games player base is hacking

Once again No Sht! WarZ is a Hackers Dream! They need to seriously address this!

4. If The War Z isn’t profitable in 6 months, they’ll abandon it

Nope cause WarZ has great potential and besides they still support War Inc. i think! It's easy money to cash in off of the DayZ hype!

anyway WarZ should of been on consoles! It feels like something consolers would love! Hopefully Next Gen when consoles can handle MMO's better!
theEx1Le  +   1037d ago
There is a post on a forum, can't for the life of me remember which one that actually states the assets were built for consoles by a dev. Thats how they manage to claim the development time of 2 years. When Dayz came out the Dev asks members if they think it will be a good idea to port it and start building WarZ.
maelstromb  +   1042d ago
Not a very optimistic outlook when the dev's are already stating they will jump ship if the game doesn't perform to their expectations in a six month time period. What happened to standing behind your product?? It's alright to have that thought, but don't state it publicly before your product has even seen the light of day.
acemonkey  +   1042d ago
u better give me my damn money back lol
Nightfallen  +   1042d ago
“They randomly ban accounts that have a certain amount of time spent playing in-game, knowing they are hooked on the game so they re-buy the game.”

Wow, going to avoid this company at all costs. Then again I never cared for WarZ. Just going to wait for DayZ standalone.
Korix  +   1042d ago
They don't ban random people they "think" would re-buy. Who the hell would do that? The guy talking is just trash talking them because they fired him.
Korix  +   1042d ago
Hardly legitimate info. It's just a butthurt ex-mod trash talking the devs who fired him. However developing and playing War Z certainly hasn't been smooth sailing.
maelstromb  +   1042d ago
Any actual evidence to back up your assertion??
Korix  +   1042d ago
My "assertion"? I hardly need any evidence to prove that people will say the dumbest things when they are angry and know there will be no fallout for anything they say - like with this guy. This article proves nothing in itself. If anything, they're the ones (or they guy coming up with all these "assertions") who should prove their "facts" as they are the ones bringing the news. Especially the ex-mod who's saying all this crap. He's the one who should have proof to back up his claims. I'm saying I simply don't believe what he says, given the assumptions (because this isn't proven anywhere either) that he was a mod, not even a dev, who got fired, and is now saying they're doing stuff no other dev company would do. Banning people they believe to re-buy? Come on, who the hell does that?

Reading the forum posts, he has nothing to back up his claims. Only thing he can prove is that some time he played the game with devs on a stream. There might be proof somewhere in the video that he was also an official mod, but so what?
He might have been a mod once, and if so he got fired. And now he has a lot of crap to say. Without any evidence to back it up. Those screenshots mean nothing.
It's not like he seems like a responsible grown up man who wouldn't get angry about things and lie.
But hey, maybe I'm wrong and everything he says is totally true, I just don't see the evidence right now to support that.
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Rynocirator  +   1042d ago
He was a moderator, not a developer...therefore is as low on the info chain about the state of the game as a janitor in the same building as they developed it in. His job is to simply prevent double posts, and delete lewd comments. His credibility is close to if not a 0 on the scale of 1 million.
Abdou23  +   1042d ago
I was an early adaptor, i never played past the Alpha stage, the game is crap TBH.
Re4er  +   1042d ago
Believe it or not, the game is still in it's Alpha stage, and not giving a game a chance because of Alpha is pathetic.
coolasj  +   1042d ago
And now I will never buy this. I'll just wait for the standalone DayZ.
porkChop  +   1042d ago
I'm really not surprised by any of this. From the very start they seemed like a shady company, and it was always obvious that they were just trying to make money by riding on the success of DayZ. They can claim that the game was in development for a year before DayZ, but anyone who's played the game knows that's a complete fucking lie. The game was extremely early in development, and is still nowhere even near a finished/polished state. It's not ready for release at all, not any time soon.

I mean these guys even ban people on their forums and delete threads that portray any kind of negativity whatsoever towards the developers or the game. These are the same guys that were posting blatantly fake screenshots, and are actually charging for clan support. The same guys that spawn a bunch of powerful weapons in game for themselves to use, which is pretty much cheating. They're completely unprofessional and cannot be trusted.
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CalvinKlein  +   1042d ago
Well I guess this game blows and I will never bother trying it then. I wouldnt want to get really attached to it just to have it shut down, so better to not even bother with the possibility.

hahah just kidding I dont beleive this guy-who-got-fired's story but I dont care about this game anyways.
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Abdou23  +   1041d ago
Error Post
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Coach_McGuirk  +   1041d ago
There are definitely TONS of hackers in this game. I wish I wouldn't have purchased it.

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