Gran Turismo 5 - Next-generation Corvette C7 Test Prototype ’13 available from today

The next-generation Corvette C7 Test Prototype ’13 will be available from today for Gran Turismo 5.

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Deagle1758d ago

Nice looking forward to this dlc

MattyG1758d ago

Do a lot of people still play this online? I just picked it up the other day but haven't had a chance to try it out much.

NotSoSilentBob1758d ago

Yes the community is still very active. Check out GTplanet forums and see if you can find a group to race with.

It is nice to see a developer support their game like this even over 2 years after release.

MattyG1758d ago

Thanks! What little I've played of it is very fun. I was going to go for the platinum, but I'm not sure I can handle the endurance challenges.

TotalHitman1758d ago

@MattyG, you can save your progress in an endurance race at anytime.

bubblebeam1758d ago

Gran Tursimo has and always will have a strong online community. It is small things like this free car that makes people stick around. The community support is amazing.

porkChop1758d ago

Looks pretty cool, and it's free too. No reason not to get it.

level 3601758d ago

Be getting it too.. can anyone say if you can play it on c*ckpit view?

Hicken1758d ago

No idea; since they wouldn't have info on the real cockpit, it may be a default. Then again, they may go with the C6.

In any case, I feel I need to go on and download this.

SoapShoes1758d ago

There is an interior view but its camped just like the real car.

josephayal1758d ago

corvette is the fastest car in the world, wan't!

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