S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky NOT delayed, no Xbox360-port envisioned

From "After contacting GSC, we've obtained confirmation that the skies are clear and that an easy take off for the DirectX 10-stuffed prequel is in sight. Oleg Yavorsky, senior PR manager at the Ukrainian company, told us that "Currently the official date is Spring 2008. There's no exact release date determined as of now. We should have it announced in few weeks."

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Superiorrior3779d ago

I'm glad it is staying on PC, the first of the series was a rather inspiring game which I played every single day and relished in every second of it, to see them cheap out would be concerning.

Gorgon3778d ago

I would certainly fear for a cross-platform STALKER, but the truth is that they only cheap out a game if they want to. Just because its multi it doesn't mean that a game has to be dumbed down.