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The Guardian: "Not only is the single-player game huge, but it's backed up with pretty tidy co-operative and multiplayer modes. Far Cry 3 may chart the holiday from hell, but for any fan of open-world shooters, it will feel like the best holiday ever from the drudge of daily life."

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Valenka2005d ago

I was reluctant on getting this because I didn't much care for Far Cry 2...but when I watched more gameplay footage, read more about it, and heard it being described as "Like Skyrim with guns," I was officially sold.

Nimblest-Assassin2005d ago

Skyrim with guns= fallout

Machinima really f**ked up with that quote

r40k2132005d ago

Skyrim with guns = skyrim with guns
I always disliked describing Fallout as Oblivion/Skyrim with guns, because it doesn't do the game justice at all. They really are completely different games.

MasterD9192004d ago

That Skyrim with guns quote is really isn't an RPG. It's an action game with some exploration involved. There is a huge difference.

People will buy this after hearing that and be shocked at the lack of RPG features. Don't know why they are running with that quote...

Other than that, I kept my pre-order because of how amazing this game looks + the map editor is a legit map editor and not some mild map changer.

Mutant-Spud2004d ago

I got my copy for 360 today, it's not Skyrim with guns by any means, it's Far Cry but with a lot of video gamey elements thrown in, the crafting and perks are one thing but the side missions and trials are something else. The reviews are all pretty much spot on, it's a very good game, very immersive, challenging and interesting, though as yet I've not been able to get a game in MP, just no one online at present.

bigfish2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Should i buy a Wii U or Far Cry 3? both coming out this friday in the UK

Fakdafakinfakerz2005d ago

Far Cry 3 now and Wii U for Christmas. That's what I'm going to do.

Rampaged Death2005d ago

Can't wait to get my copy tomorrow !

FarCryLover1822005d ago

I think I'll be passing on this one.

(no not really)

Chris5582005d ago

Insane edition tomorrow feelsgood

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