Why Sonic & Sega All-Stars is 2012's most underrated racing game

Matt Lees:

The game's full name doesn't do it justice either. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed is a mouthful of words that don't gel together; a messy mash of pointless additions that mirrors the problem I've had with most Sonic games. The simplicity of the first few games made them magic, and over the years this became watered-down.

From afar this is a game that doesn't appeal to anyone who isn't a massive SEGA fan or - alternatively - a very small child. After playing it for the best part of a weekend, I'm ashamed of my prior assumptions. Transformed is a smart and varied game, full of brilliant ideas and plenty of depth.

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Philly Joe1876d ago

Picked this up for the heck of it. Absolutely a 9 out of 10. Pure fun

Nerdmaster1876d ago

I'm waiting for the PC version.

chukamachine1876d ago

I've already bought this for PS3 for my son for xmas:)

Godchild10201876d ago

I'm waiting for the Vita version to be released next month.

Krimmson1876d ago

Is it bad that I don't want this game due to the sheer fact that they dropped my two favorite racers (Ryo Hazuki, Jacky & Akira) in the sequel?
Granted, Joe Musashi is awesome and all, but damn man. I loved using Ryo.

Captain Qwark 91876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

lol i could def see why that would irritate you. i havent got the game yet but i plan too. looks great and the demo was a lot of fun. the only thing i dont care for is the cast could be better.

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