Microwaved Wii U Deluxe on eBay

One Wii U owner in America decided that his brand new Wii U Deluxe console would look a lot better once it had been microwaved in an industrial microwave oven.

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TripC501941d ago

That has been done before. Get more creative.

bubblebeam1940d ago

Would have been funnier if his mammoth beard got stuck and then it microwaved the sh*t out of him.

guitarded771940d ago

You know... if the system wasn't burned to all hell, it would look good with a matte finish. The glossy system and controller get fingerprints all over them.

That-Guy1940d ago

Is it too late yet to sell my cardboard cut-out?

CaptainN1940d ago

OK people like this have no reason to be on this planet !

mcstorm1940d ago

I agree. He really has issues and needs to find his self a GF or BF which ever pleases him the most.

shackdaddy1940d ago

God, that guy in the video is sooooo annoying. IDK if he's trying to talk like that or what but I can't stand it!

1940d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.