IGN: Mario Kart Wii Hands-on

Ever since Nintendo created the franchise for the Super Nintendo back in 1992, nearly every succeeding Nintendo video game system – with the exception of maybe the Virtual Boy and Game Boy Color, natch – has had a version of the go-kart racing game. This spring, nearly a year and a half since the system's debut, Nintendo will release Mario Kart Wii, the first motion-sensing rendition of the racer. In anticipation of Game Developers Conference this week, the company invited IGN to Nintendo's Redwood City office to check out the game in action and see just what's in store for Wii owners that are itching to zoom around with Mario and crew.

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DanteLinkX3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

-Total confirmation that you can use all 4 types of controllers, so wii-mote haters am happy total.

-Classic SNES/GBA mario kart levels will keep their Mode7 graphics, that will be amazing :D.

-12 Players is neat!

-Auto-power slide I bet will be another love it/hate it situation along MK fans, at least it removes the other love it/hate it tecnique "Snaking".

-Online mode is almost confirmed to be better than sex, with all that stats tracking, rankings, BATTLE MODE online, 2 players per wii, tournaments, challenges, ghost data, etc.

I think the game is shapping up to be really nice. Specially if the is no noticeable lag present in the online matches.

M_Prime3658d ago

Damn Nintendo really knows how to make a top notch game.. now why can't other DEVs do the same thing?

well if in MARIO KART DS and BRAWL the lag is almost non existent (as long as the people aren't on crappy connections) and same thing goes for MARIO STRIKERS then i doubt there will be lag in this otherwise they would have scaled it down. I mean games like Counter-Strike support 32 player online.. so as long as the connection is good then there should be no problems.


DanteLinkX3658d ago

Speak words of truth, MK DS, Mario Strikers, Batallion Wii, and Brawl have almost non-existant lag on good conections and not so far distances. I hope MK Wii follows this trend.

BrotherNick3658d ago

This will be my fav game :D I never played double dash, but I loved mario kart 64...we should all trade friend codes.

TheWiitard3658d ago

I can't wait for this game! The last installment on DS was so awesome (maybe my favorite) and if Nintendo does what they always do for the most part and top their last offering the series, Mario Kart Wii will be the best one to date.

crank3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

just a wee bit disappointed that the old tracks are ALL THE SAME? mode 7 and all

BAH, how lame

I won't be paying 50 dollars for this

Not to be an a**, but I will wait for fzero

waaaaay more challenging, fast, and worth my time

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