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Submitted by blainio09 1096d ago | video

Nerf The Noob: Aftermath First Impressions

Here is Lee with his first impressions of the Aftermath DLC for Battlefield 3. If you like what you see and hear don’t forget to subscribe to the Nerf The Noob YouTube channel. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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juliabrown   1096d ago | Spam
dirthurts  +   1096d ago
Is rush mode included in this pack?
Was pretty irritated when I learned (after purchase) there were no rush maps on close quarters. Haven't been back since...
swishersweets20031  +   1096d ago
Detoxx  +   1096d ago
Rush is for newbs
ddurand1  +   1096d ago
rush has been an option of every expansion except CQC. if youre not playing the game because of that youre missing out.

i just dont play that expansion pack. its pretty easy usign the server broswer and hte search feature.
dirthurts  +   1096d ago
Glad it made it back.
I play the game on occasion still, but I have a few other games I'm trying to get through.
I've always really liked the rush mode. I feel like BFBC2 did it a little better, but I still really like it.
Objective based modes are where it's at for me.
Otherwise, I play conquest typically.
NerfTheNoob  +   1096d ago
Hey guys yes there is a rush mode on this map pack. You may notice in contrast to the number of conquest and scavenger servers but if you give it a few day it will be all balanced, I think myself its because scavenger is new and will be played to the max. :) hope you enjoyued the video dont forget to like and share the channel with your mates :)

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