You’ll Never Guess How Long Making the Agni’s Philosophy Demo Took

Jaws were on the floor when Square Enix showed the three minute Agni's Philosophy demo earlier this year in Los Angeles. They were on the floor this weekend when Square Enix once again showed off the tech. To dazzle like that takes time. A lot of time.

While showing off the mind-blowing demo this weekend, Square Enix said (via Game Watch) that planning took six months and developing it took another six months. That's an entire year for three minutes of footage.

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majiebeast1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Lol FF15 only 30 years away guys. With the way Square enix is going we will have flying cars before the next proper final fantasy title. Meanwhile Wada is still CEO he is a captain going down with the ship atleast thats commendable.

Qrphe1969d ago

How large was the staff? Was the project a priority or a side project? It doesn't help knowing SE sucks at project management.

Kur01969d ago

I thought the presentation was in-engine. Why would it take them that long unless it was CGI and they had to render everything by hand.

hkgamer1969d ago

The demo was rendered in game and in CGI.
basically they made a CGI as a target render, then they made everything in engine and it basically looks identical apart from a few effects.

A few minute CGI would also take less time then rendering everything in-engine (in terms of this tech demo anyway).

Hufandpuf1969d ago

And people say next-gen is a year away? pfft.

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The story is too old to be commented.