Metroid Prime Vs. Fusion: How a Team of Texans Out-Nintendoed Nintendo


Ten years ago, Nintendo's Metroid series returned to action after a nearly decade-long sabbatical. The series had helped define the NES, Game Boy, and Super NES with its uncharacteristic (for a Nintendo first-party title) blend of serious sci-fi aesthetics, exploratory game play, and twitch-based shooting action. Yet on the Nintendo 64 console, it was conspicuous in its absence; while the company brilliantly reinvented Metroid's fellow NES-era peers (Mario, Zelda) for a new generation of games, Metroid appeared to have been relegated to a footnote in history.

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dedicatedtogamers1974d ago

I would love to see a Retro-made Legend of Zelda and/or a Retro-made Super Mario Bros (a 2d one, not a 3d one). They've proven their ability with the Metroid Prime series (and Nintendo is incompetent after making Metroid: Other M), and they proved their ability again with Donkey Kong Country Returns (and Nitendo is incompetent after wasting the Donkey Kong name on dozens of Jungle Beat, kart racing, and Mini Mario Donkey Kong games).

I think a Zelda or 2D Mario by Retro would only further show how out of touch Nintendo is with their own franchises.

NewMonday1974d ago

Metroied Prime still looks fantastic , art design is an under rated skill.

A Retro made Zelda would be fantastic, maybe make it a spinoff and let it co-exist with the traditional game

Wigriff1974d ago

If you are looking for a retro Zelda fix, don't count out 3D Dot Game Heroes. That game was fantastic.

I'd rather see a retro Metroid along the lines of Super Metroid, since Super Metroid is pretty much a flawless game. Outland was very similar to Super Metroid, but it didn't have that Metroid feel to it. I need grim, foreboding space isolation, and I need it now! hehe

NewMonday1974d ago

I'm talking about " Retro studios " the developer of Metroied Prime

-GametimeUK-1974d ago

Did you miss out on Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass? Brilliant old school vibe to it. Sure, the touch controls aren't for everyone, but I feel I have had quite a decent 2D style Zelda game in recent years. Yes, it was a while ago now so I think we are due a new one, but I think the style is more suited to a handheld. However, I would definitely buy it if they released on Wii-U.

dedicatedtogamers1974d ago

Phantom Hourglass was good. Spirit Tracks was crap (much more linear, more focus on puzzles)

See, I'm an old-school gamer. I grew up with original Legend of Zelda on NES. That game was equal parts action and puzzles. Nowadays "PuzZelda" is boring to me. I wish Zelda would go back to the action, and Retro would probably do a proper one, kinda like New Super Mario Bros, do a New Legend of Zelda in the old style.

crazysammy1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Nintendo didn't make Other M. Lets make sure we place the blame where it is deserved, squarely on the shoulders of Team Ninja.

dedicatedtogamers1974d ago

Are you forgetting that Sakamoto - the Nintendo head of the franchise - worked with Team Ninja? The story, game mechanics, and design choices were are directly controlled by Sakamoto.

So, you're wrong. Team Ninja may have developed the game, but Nintendo (Sakamoto) was in direct control of how it turned out.

Blastoise1974d ago

Metroid Fusion was an epic game. Metroid Zero Mission wasn't as good, mostly based on the fact I completed it in about 2 hours gameplay =/

NukaCola1974d ago

Zero Mission, I think, was the original Metroid redone. The game wasn't super long back then, so you could blow through it if your a Metroid pro.

Blastoise1974d ago

Yeah but I'm not lol, the only one I played before it was fusion.

TuxedoMoon1974d ago

Retro Studio didn't out-Nintendo Nintendo, it turned further westernized Metroid into an FPS all while keeping it's Nintendo charm. The made it so it appeals to western gamers. I thought the first game was dead boring, but the other ones were pretty good (except for the 3's final boss battle).

I still wonder why people complain about Metroid: Other M. Prime too had pretty awkward controls when it first came out. Other M also tried to give Samus more of a personality and IMO, DOES NOT DEGRADE WOMEN. If people played through the game, they'd see clearly that she obeys him as a high officer (most likely out of old habit too). To have Samus be afraid and show human emotion against Ridley was also a good thing. Afraid or not, you still had to kill him off. So it's not like she just stood there and got herself killed out of fear. Emotion makes a character better rounded and not just be a walking death machine.

Metroid is a strong franchise over here and I do hope they continue making more games, either it be like Ninja Gaiden or like prime. Though, I'm guessing the next re-invention of Metroid will be in the 3rd person shooter cover system genre. If they mixed that with the ninja gaiden slick would be amazing. Best of both worlds.

Kevlar0091974d ago

Still waiting for a 2D Metroid for the current Generation. I doesn't even need to be "Metroid Dread", just a side-scrolling Metroid many people have come to know and love. 10 years since the last "original" 2D Metroid is far too long (8 for Zero Mission).