Leveling Up in a Shooter

GamerFitNation: Games that feature online gameplay have introduced features that allow players to show off the amount of time they have spent playing the game. These leveling systems, or reward systems, whatever you want to call them, have made the online part of gaming more and more attractive to a wider range of audiences. The systems that have been put into place revolve around players playing online and rewarding the players for doing so.

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sdozzo1968d ago

There needs to be a penalty for death. Player A goes 10-2 and Player B goes 15-10. Currently, Player B gets a higher score because of the kills. That's trash.

Captain Qwark 91968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

as much as i like leveling up, i enjoy shooters without it more. halo 1/2 were so perfectly balanced and when you went against a level 50 in halo 2 it meant so much more than just they played a lot and had great gear. you know that person had crazy skills and at the same time you didnt have to worry about him having a scope or gun 10x better than the crap you did. everyone was on the same playing field with true skills being the only difference

rewarding a player for playing is nice though so i see the appeal and also think that becuase of that, counterstrike had the best system to date imo. get a certain amount of cash in the beginning, buy gear. get kills and do good things get more money for better gear in the next round, win and get even more.

a system like that not only keeps rounds even but it gives players a reason to not only do well each round but to win each round too

Coach_McGuirk1968d ago

but what if Player A has just been camping in a corner all match while Player B's been capping/defending control points? You know, helping the team.

sdozzo1968d ago

I see you working. There needs to be a happy medium. Campers shouldn't be penalized for camping (go and find them). However, there are intangibles like you mention.