Sony Responds to HD-DVD Announcement

Dave Karraker, senior director fo corporate communications for Sony Computer Entertainment America, shot me a response late last night to Microsoft's HD-DVD announcment in Japan.

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crunchie1013626d ago

How the hell did this get approved? The article is over a year old!

-EvoAnubis-3626d ago

This is from 9/21/06. How is the blue hell is this news?

crunchie1013626d ago

It is quite funny, now, though to see all the Blu-ray bashing commments on kotaku from this article.

rofldings3626d ago

Yeah, these comments are after the E3 FUDaganda; Nice to see most of them are eating their words now.

SL1M DADDY3626d ago

When I was reading the comments I actually got a good laugh especially knowing that BD is the winning format and that although it may not be fully needed for all games, it sure does make for a great movie experience IMHO.

Andronix3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Succint, sharp, cutting, and to the point! Dave Karraker makes a point by point boast/ response to the Microsoft statement/ abandonment of HD DVD.

These Sony/ Microsoft heads are just like b*tchy girls arguing in a nightclub toilet over who is dressed the best!

Makes me laugh anyway!

Gorgon3626d ago

Actually this article is from SEP 21 2006... it's about the anouncement of the HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360, not the abondonment of the same.

Gorgon3626d ago

Interesting, someone disagreed with me. I guess he's not old enough to know how to read dates in articles.

Andronicus3626d ago

this being approved shows N4G is broken.....severely

bootsielon3626d ago

I was thinking something was fishy with this article

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