Diehard GameFAN: Assassin’s Creed III Liberation Review

DHGF: While Assassin’s Creed III Liberation isn’t quite as good as I expected, it is a welcome addition to my Vita game library. Aveline and her history is compelling, and the usual Assassin’s Creed gameplay makes a very nice transition to the handheld. While the game has some glitches, other staff have informed me that these are all pretty much prevalent through all the games, so this is pretty much an authentic experience on the Vita. Being my first entry into the franchise I was a bit confused and needed a little bit of a primer to really know what was in fact going on overall, but the game does a decent enough job telling you what’s going on at the moment. The Persona system is well used, each one having pros and cons. It’s an easy game to recommend, especially with the bundle that’s out that includes the Vita.

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