Hitman: Absolution Patch to Tweak Disguises

Hitman: Absolution has been in the hands of critics and gamers for just over a week now, and despite it receiving mostly great reviews, the hardcore fanbase has been quite vocal about some of the changes made to the series with this latest instalment.

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Hellsvacancy1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Theres not much point in wearing a disguise in the new Hitman, you raise too much suspicion, im glad there going to fix it

Honestly, ive almost finished Hitman, its the most straight forward Hitman game of them all, im enjoying it, but not as much as I did the older games

BLAKHOODe1942d ago

Yea, it's straight-forward for those who only care about completing the story and moving on to something else, but that's not what Hitman is really about. Each level has multiple challenges to execute - adding tons of replay value on a game with already high replay value. The game is a beast and I'm having a blast discovering new ways for my targets to meet their demise over and over again.

cleft51942d ago

Great for everyone else, but I had to deal with the annoying disguise system as I beat the game on Normal. I managed to Silent Assassin a lot of the levels, but it was crazy annoying.

SnakeCQC1942d ago

i found it so hard to get silent assassin in this game the point system annoyed the hell out of me

Mystickay861942d ago

I started the game on hard mode, but mission 6 was a bit too hard to blend in. Put it on normal ;P, but i'm on mission 9 now, so can't wait for this patch!

pr0digyZA1942d ago

Im playing on hard, so far its been doable (although lots of retry's)although im only at the place where you protect a certain someone in a nunnery, is that by mission 6?

Mystickay861942d ago

Mission 6 is the one where you have to get the "Fuses". I tried hard, but kept on retrying a lot. I switched to normal and I believe they move the fuses to a easier position

pr0digyZA1942d ago

Lol, thats exactly where I am right now, it is tricky I manage to get two of them then I get to the pharmacy area and get caught as everyone is so close. Will try get through it... I've got to.

Endo-Endo1942d ago

if you go past the guy getting an ass kicking and down the other stairs there is a vent you can time it so they are talking and can move past them before they start moving again

ChipChipperson1942d ago

Give purist mode a shot. Purely stealthing Attack of Saints... probably the most infuriating level on that mode.

2pacalypsenow1942d ago

Mission 6 is doable on hard without disguises i did but it took me a while. for the last one you have to subdue the guy by the door and wait for the other guy to come check on him ,hide and then they all leave so just get the fuse and go

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SAE1942d ago

sometimes i don't know why they add this feature , it's pointless in this game , instinct in professional last only few seconds , mission 13 was hard as hell , i killed everyone to move on xD ...

gninja921942d ago

the disguises bring suspicious can work in some ways. but wen every cop knows u. or wen wearing a disguise with a mask and they cans till tell its u, not cool. i mean if it were an area where ur a janitor and theres only 3 janitors in th elevel okay. but wen theres; 30 cops and all 30 know the other 29, not cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.