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OPM UK writes -Where do you want Assassin’s Creed 4 to be set? We’ve been to everywhere from Jerusalem to Boston thanks to the Animus, so now it’s time to carry on the fine tradition of H.G. Wells, Bill and Ted, and Ashton Kutcher circa Butterfly Effect, and mess with the dials on the great Assassin’s Creed time machine: here’s your top 7 locations.

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claud31970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I am up for anywhere of historical importance

jony_dols1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Pre-World War 1 Europe. If they made Franz Ferdinand a Templar, with your character being responsible for assassinating him and inadvertently kicking off WW1!

Sneaking behind enemy lines in the trenches to kill generals, using your Assassin senses to cross no-mans-land or picking off politicians in Berlin, Turkey, Paris or London! Now that would be a game I'd play!

And you could throw in the 1916 Rising in Dublin as well & later taking out the Black n Tans (but maybe that's just wishful thinking from a Paddy!)

bubblebeam1970d ago


That sounds awesome. Although, they would probably then have to continue the game into WWII, and the portrayal of Hitler would be demonised by the media.

Last thing we need is touching on that sensitive Holocaust stuff. I myself would love it, but I know what the media are like.

Excellent idea though, I loved WWI history. Though it was better than WWII.

jony_dols1970d ago

Yeah WW1 doesn't get enough representation in gaming; loved the trench levels in The Darkness way back! It's a pity that dev's always gravitate towards WW2 instead.

But it look's like Ubisoft will try & stretch the series out as much as possible, so expect to see the French Revolution, American Civil War & Victorian London before a 20th Century conflict...

Detoxx1970d ago

You mean the Ottoman Empire, there was no Turkey untill WW1 ended. The empire collapsed after the war

jony_dols1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


Yeah meant to type Istanbul, but just had a turkey sandwich for lunch; so it must'av been on my mind!

Just a quick tidbit about the Ottoman Empire in WW1, they're allegiance was up for sale during the early days of the war and the Allies bid of £4 million was only outbid by the Axis powers by just one million.

The £5 mill pretty much paid itself off in Gallipoli. Bargain of the century.

Nimblest-Assassin1969d ago

I really want them to take a break for some time, and get new ideas like they did with AC3.

AC3 reinvigorated a franchise that was getting stale.

I don't want 2 more Connor games, I liked him as a character... but I rather Ubi took their time and did something fresh like with AC3 and AC2


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ProjectVulcan1970d ago

Marilyn Monroe's brassiere

stone_cold1970d ago

the next assassin creed game the name will be (Assassins Creed IV) trust me

FarCryLover1821970d ago

That is probably not going to happen. I am sure there will be some "expansion" game like Revelations and Brotherhood was next year.

bubblebeam1970d ago

Yes "FarCryLover182", I agree.

Ubisoft plan on having a yearly Assassin's Creed release, so I'd imagine it would have to be a spin-off next year or an expansion to AC3.

Wouldn't be suprised if it was Assassins Creed Karting at this point.

Pillsbury11970d ago

They already have an expansion out, it's called liberation. Buy a ps vita it's awesome.

FarCryLover1821969d ago

@pillsbury, I don't mean expansion in the literal sense or portable version, I mean a game that is coming next fall

Oh_Yeah1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Mexico with the Myans, Scandanavia during Viking times, or present day middle east < I don't think they have the balls to tackle that'll most likely be somewhere typical though like Nazi Germany or Vietnam, which is still cool.

bubblebeam1970d ago

Modern day middle east would suck big time, IMO.

Every single action movie and Military shooter has overdone it. Besides, the whole game would be you trying not to step on a 1-hit kill landmine.

Oh_Yeah1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Yeah but this is a game and it's a controversial part of history at the moment, they could even take it back to the first war ever recorded which was in the Iraq area. Japan/China would be interesting too during the samurai ninja era... Assassin's creeds gameplay would definitely suit it.

bubblebeam1970d ago

I agreed with you just because you have some awesome ideas.

I think the most obvious would be the Chinese/Japanese - Samurai/Ninja thingy. Possibly with a female character, you never know. I Kind of feel that they wasted the chance for an awesome female character on Liberation. It was a great game, it just felt too rushed.

Especially with a super fast ninja sword (forget the name), could make some brutally fast executions, stemming more into fluid God Of War type of game-play (without all the flipping and jumping of course).

Keep the cool ideas rolling.

ame221970d ago

Adam or Eve during the First Civilization era please.

Yukicore1969d ago

I hope Desmond era is finally over. The series need a wider perspective in the next game, probably it will be a new Desmond, I don't think they will forget about the Animus.

I'm expecting a more nearer era to ours, than in AC3, as it has always been progressive, but AC3 left us at a really wide possibility situation, so there is really no point in thinking on which period of time and where the next game will be played in.

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