GTA won't follow Call of Duty model

Take-Two has stated that the Grand Theft Auto franchise will avoid releasing yearly titles like the Call of Duty games to keep interest high.

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claud31972d ago

That is a really good thing to know....

dark-hollow1972d ago

Quality takes time and effort.

TheModernKamikaze1972d ago

#2 reason why I love Rockstar
#1 is GTA.

mochachino1972d ago

#2 is Red Dead Redemption

BioDio1972d ago

They could release Yearly Episodes similar to GTA4 Liberty City Episodes... it doesn't hurt.

MurDocINC1972d ago

Dunno why people disagree with you. 1 year is enough to add a quality story to an existing city.

BioDio1972d ago

Beats me too... I wouldn't mind a 5-10 hours content DLC for like.. 10 euros...

DigitalAnalog1971d ago

And all that manpower could be utilized in contributing to other IP. Notice how R* is closing it's other branches other than North? If the GTA series start to stagnate, they can no longer support themeselves.

Optical_Matrix1972d ago

Good. Open world games on a yearly release schedule just isn't a business model I would recommend following. Just look at how it's messed with the Assassin's Creed series. If Ubisoft hadn't insisted on a holiday 2012 release for AC3 and waited until 2013 then the game probably wouldn't have felt so rushed and buggy.

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The story is too old to be commented.