Current US Best Sellers

01. Super Smash Bros. Brawl*-Nintendo (Wii)
02. Trauma Center: New Blood-Atlus (Wii)
03. Time Crisis 4 w/ Guncon 3-Namco Bandai (PS3)
04. Professor Layton and the Curious Village-Nintendo (DS)
05. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare-Activision (Xbox 360)
06. Guitar Hero III Bundle-Activision (Xbox 360)
07. Wii Play w/ Remote-Nintendo (Wii)
08. Super Mario Galaxy-Nintendo (Wii)
09. Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party Bundle-Konami (Wii)
10. Rock Band Special Edition-MTV (PS2)

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blynx1823261d ago

No its just a pre-order....

sonarus3260d ago

gran turismo too seems to be creeping up on the charts. Pretty impressive for a prologue. I havnt pre ordered mine cus i plan to download to hdd

wiizy3261d ago

just preorders... good to see trauma center doing good

DarkSniper3260d ago

Yes. Time Crisis. The only game that provides gamers with a lightgun shooting experience. One that cannot be found on the "other" console.


spandexxking3260d ago

i couldnt agree with you more sniper. in sniperesque words: only with the PLAYSTATION 3 (and arcade) can you find great franchises like time crisis.......... and so on. but seriously time crisis is so good. i just hope they release a pedal with it so i can get the proper experience.

decapitator3260d ago

That was my reaction as well. Whoa!!!. Who would have thought ?

TruthBTold3260d ago

I thought this game wasnt that good because of the grafixs, I guess the gameplay is kinda good cause I also saw it on amazon as the best selling game.

PS360WII3260d ago

Sweet glad Prof. Layton is up there. Fun game

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The story is too old to be commented.