Konami confirms Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition is PS3 exclusive

Konami has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition is indeed a PlayStation 3 exclusive after a New Zealand shop listed it for Xbox 360.

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redwolf2121d ago

Well that clears things up

dedicatedtogamers2121d ago

I propose an even trade:

MGS4 on 360 in exchange for Mass Effect 1: Complete Edition on PS3.

I mean, C'MON! The fanboy wars are boring. If MGS4 came to 360, it would be 4 YEARS after its launch on the PS3. No one is going to care. With MG Rising (Revengence?) and MGS Ground Zeroes coming out multiplatform, it would be nice to let EVERYone play through the entire franchise.

Ilovetheps42121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Did either the Xbox or 360 get the first MGS game? I haven't tracked which games they did and didn't get.

And also, I know that PS3 is getting ME1, but what is missing from the game that is in the Complete Edition?

MYSTERIO3602121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

The mass effect trilogy is already coming to the PS3, so no trade

Blastoise2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

But without exclusives there's no reason to buy one console over the other...

But yeah, Mass effect 1 is coming to PS3 anyway :P

MikeMyers2121d ago

"But without exclusives there's no reason to buy one console over the other... "

Sure there is. It's why people buy an Android over an iPhone or vice-versa. It's why people play games on Steam rather than Origin. They should not use 3rd party games as hostage to convince gamers to support the hardware. If a game can only currently be done on that hardware like we saw early on with the Wii and its motion controls that's fine. Eventually some of those games came out on the PS3 and people that didn't own a Wii got to play it. Games should be enjoyed by as many as possible and 3rd party publishers should not be using a wedge to segregate gamers and force them to buy multiple systems for no reason.

Sony needs to convince consumers by offering their own games. They need to offer their own online service, which they also do. Same with Nintendo and Microsoft. Microsoft should not be using its money to leverage people and make games like Blue Dragon and force Japanese gamers to support them that way. That's why we have 2nd party games too. So if that's the case like Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U then to me that is perfectly acceptable. They are funding the project even though they don't own the team behind it.

The only reason I can think of why MGS4 hasn't come to the Xbox 360 is a partnership deal between Konami and Sony. Which of course is solely created to limit its access in order to force gamers to buy that hardware.

blitz06232121d ago

Other than the fact that the ME Trilogy is heading to the PS3, the MGS series is better than the Mass Effect series. Yeah I said it!

Krypto2121d ago

If it did get ported to 360, the part where Otacon tells snake to swap disk 1 to disk 2 wouldn't be so funny anymore! :)

Lord_Sloth2121d ago

There's nothing even about that trade. Besides, we have ME1 now.

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DFresh2120d ago

You do realize EA announced a Mass Effect Trilogy Collection for PS3/360/PC.

Mounce2120d ago

I find it sincerely hilarious.....That dedicatedtogamers has absolutely 0 agrees. 38 disagrees.

The Xbox fans always seem desperate to get games, though I don't blame them since new games barely come out on 360 that aren't simply a port.

MGS4 being begged, argued, debated, rumored, happened so fucking much before its original launch..... I'm amazed to see that there are still a mound of fans and fanboys who're still clutching at straws for this game, those who remember MGS2 went Xbox and it barely sold, unsure if the audience differs now though Revengence should sell well on both. Sneaking-games just aren't what the Xbox audience go for, nuff said. If you want to play MGS4, just bloody fucking get a PS3, they aren't priced at $599 US DOLLARS anymore.

Army_of_Darkness2120d ago

That's a pretty crappy trade bro. I'd rather have the gears of war trilogy on PS3 instead:-D

Dark_king2120d ago

I guess people still haven't figured out that you would have to have a HD to make the game work.Its a must for the camouflage to work an since thats not in every 360 they won't port it.

MysticStrummer2120d ago

@MikeMyers - Your entire comment is nonsensical. If it was meant to be a response to the quoted statement at the top, it was a complete failure.

callahan092120d ago

But Mass Effect 1 is already coming to PS3 in the form of the Mass Effect Trilogy. Already announced.

stragomccloud2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I can't believe how many disagrees you got. I gave you an agree. Anyway Metal Gear is hardly exclusive. MG 1 and 2 was on the msx, a port of 1 was released on the NES. Mgs1 was one psx the remake on gamecube. Mgs2 was on ps2. Mgs 2 substance was on ps2, xbox and pc. Mgs 3 and mgs 3 subsistance was ps2. Mgs3 was rebuilt for 3ds. Peace walker was psp and 2, 3, and peacewalker all rereleased for ps3 and 360. 4 was the only true exclusive as Rising is coming out for ps3 and xbox 360. Needless to say, you make a valid point.

SilentNegotiator2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

""But without exclusives there's no reason to buy one console over the other... "

Sure there is. It's why people buy an Android over an iPhone or vice-versa. It's why people play games on Steam rather than Origin"

.....Origin HAS exclusives and so does Steam. In fact, Origin's exclusives are the only reason any level-headed person has ever bothered with Origin ever.

2120d ago
ThanatosDMC2120d ago

Only reason I even use Origin is for BF3.

Uplay on the other hand is douchy idea from Ubisoft in which it wasnt needed before but now they're trying to copy Steam within Steam. I have to be running Uplay to get the most out of Anno 2070. Uplay servers suck.

knowyourstuff2120d ago

Or maybe you could just quit your whining and buy a PS3, they're dirt cheap now. Consoles are so incredibly cheap, you can all stop wishing and pining for some exclusive to get ported to your console, just go pay a few bucks for the cheapest console, there's got to be at least 2 or 3 games worth playing on it that aren't on your console, whichever one you have.

Darrius Cole2120d ago

Man they really want Metal Gear Solid 4 on 360. It 's been almost 5 years and fans are still trying to get it on 360.

akaakaaka2120d ago

Lol at mysterio360
That was so funny hahaha

showtimefolks2120d ago

how about gears of war franchise for MGS lol juts kidding

i don't mind if xbox360 gamers get to enjoy this masterpiece but its been over 4 years and i don't see it happening now.

Rayansaki2120d ago

X360 doesn't really have any exclusive at all worth trading with MGS4

frankiebeans2120d ago

Not 1 xbox exclusive I would trade MGS for.
I buy all my games multi platform games on xbox but when it comes to exclusives you can't come close to the PlayStation I just wish they would have supported mods on the ps3.

Zhipp2120d ago

I thought that MGS4 couldn't run on the 360 because of it's storage space. If it didn't fit back then, why would it fit now?
...then again, installs on consoles are more prominent these days...

darthv722120d ago

There hasn't been 25 years of metal gear solid let alone mgs4. It is funny how that is phrased.

Anyways, if its 25years of metal gear then by all means....throw Nintendo some love.

MikeMyers2120d ago


A failure? Please explain, I'm elated.


".....Origin HAS exclusives and so does Steam. In fact, Origin's exclusives are the only reason any level-headed person has ever bothered with Origin ever. "

You're right, EA is using titles like Battlefield 3 to add leverage, just like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo do. That's what 1st party titles are supposed to do, showcase the hardware or the service. People like Steam, not because it has Half Life and Left4Dead but because they really like the service and convenience it provides. Even if Origin had the same games people would still use Steam more because of the service.

That is what the console manufacturers need to do as well. Provide a better service, more value based hardware, unique gameplay. Stuff like that. What exactly does timed exclusive games and DLC do for the consumer? What difference does it make to the consumer if MGS4 comes to the PC or Xbox 360? It doesn't. All it does is make those who decided long ago to take sides feel better about their purchase.

Reverent2120d ago

"If it did get ported to 360, the part where Otacon tells snake to swap disk 1 to disk 2 wouldn't be so funny anymore! :)"

Krypto, it would still be plenty funny, because on the 360, you would ACTUALLY have to swap the disks at that point. Lol...

sazzrah2120d ago

Since PS3 is already getting ME1 I guess that's a pointless trade.

Instead I propose this! X360 should get Journey - because that's a game everyone should experience, not just PS3 owners. In exchange PS3 owners could get... Alan Wake? I'd still quite like to play that.

BattleAxe2120d ago

"dedicatedtogamers + 12h ago
I propose an even trade:"

I don't propose a trade, I propose a toast! Here's to Konami taking the high ground, and showing their loyalty to Sony, the PS3 and the dedicated fans who bought the game the first year it came out, and made it one of the best selling PS3 games to date!

Aghashie2120d ago

@ Mike Myers

Bro, I love ur movies. Some of them are really funny (i mean, Austin Powers). But about your comment... the reasons because the game is still an exclusive are simple. Partnership and dvd9. Does that tells you something? No? Then stick to what you do at best, movies. Stop complaining and get a ps3, then you can play the freaking game.

MGS4 in exchange for the entire Halo franchise. That is a fair trade. Otherwise is a wasted trade. Deal with it.


Kevin ButIer2120d ago

Fanboy aside. It's more than clear that Sony owns MGS4

On the fanboy side... I haven't seen any PS3 owner asking for Halo or whatever

MikeMyers2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )


I have a PS3. It's a slim model that came with Infamous 2. Great game by the way and I have to play it again with the Playstation Move. I also used to own MGS4. That too was a good game but I traded it. Nobody can answer one question though, why would it matter to anyone if MGS4 came to the Xbox 360 now? The more access the more people can play it.

@Kevin Butler

Why would anyone ask or expect Halo to come to the PS3? It's intellectual property is owned by Microsoft. Are you suggesting Metal Gear Solid is owned by Sony?

Perhaps I am just an oddity around here who actually enjoys the games and doesn't get caught up in all this childish behavior to do with console wars or picking sides with certain companies/publishers.

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Consoldtobots2120d ago

I find it hilarious that it drives MS and their fanboys up the wall that this is one game their wallet can't reach. We all know a sizeable minority of these fanboys only want the game to come to 360 so they can troll PS3 owners till the cows come home.


MariaHelFutura2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

It doesn't change a thing. Next month, 3 months from now, a year from now we will see something saying MGS4 is coming to the 360. Just like we will see somthing about a FF7 remake, an Apple console and something about how Shenmue is being made for exclusively for one system or another. MGS4 coming to the 360 is just the biggest one out of all the things I just mentioned. It causes instant tension round here. Always has, alway will.

Jazz41082120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Its such an old game and I played it when it came out. It was dissapointing with to many cutscenes and loads and installs every time you play it. The only reason I would want to see it on the 360 and the reason Konami has not ported it is it would by far be the much better version and Konami does not want to deal with all the whining and hatefull ps fans. Im sure they would get death threats while masseffect one going to ps3 is a oh well moment as 360 fans dont seem to care about the ps3 like ps3 fans care about every kittle move. I guess when you go from first to last it hurt some pride and I guess they blame ms.

MRMagoo1232120d ago


Ps3 isnt last anymore 360 is.

P_Bomb2120d ago


If ME1 going multiplat was an 'oh well' moment, it's cuz we didn't have articles like this every other month for years on end, having to shoot down rumors of its re-allegiance.

It was simply never as in demand as MGS4. That and the "whining/hateful ps fans" as you call them, didn't make a big deal out of not having it. The ME2 prequel digital comic (which 360 has too on XBLA) had all the most important decisions, save for an extra 10 war assets for Kirahhe or Shiala in ME3 which could be rectified by a couple rounds of multiplayer.

As far as MGS4 goes, they patched out all the chapter load/install breaks in September with the option for one full install. I did one full 9GB install when I replayed it for trophies and had an amazing no-kills run. So smooth without those between chapter 'Smoking Snake' segments. Loads quicker too. Game aged *extremely* well, I forgot how good it was.

xtremeimport2120d ago

lol. xbots still trying to convince everyone its "eventually" coming to the 360 eh?

doogiebear2120d ago

Will MGO be returning? If not, then I don't give a damn.

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NYC_Gamer2121d ago

MGS4 wasn't built with the 360 hardware in mind

bubblebeam2121d ago

Yes, people keep forgetting.

That game used a dual-layer Blu-ray disc. It had so many cut-scenes, it would fill up AT LEAST 4 Dvd's.

PS3's are cheap now, so if people want to play it, then get a PS3. Sure, it would be good if they did make it multi-platform, as it is a great game that should be played by as many people as possible, but it isn't going to happen, especially not this gen.

kingPoS2120d ago

I not sure all were cut-scenes, I think maybe two or three were. I believe the rest was in real time.

Codeman4202120d ago

Ppl also forget inorder for it to be put into the 360 they would have had to go change a ton of stuff in the game. They took so many jabs at the 360.

xtreampro2120d ago

Change what exactly? the graphics wouldn't need changing at all since many multi-platform games today look better than MGS4 and run just fine on the 360.

The only drawback is the 360 version would have to use multiple discs due the games massive audio files, and to be honest that really ins't a drawback.

Codeman4202119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

obviously you havent played the game. There is multiple Dialog sessions in the game promoting Blu ray over DVD. They would have to go redo the dialog and redo the animation for that dialog costing more money than just keeping it PS3 Exclusive. Also the fact that snake uses a PS3 controller to control his Metal Gear counter part. Also the fact that it goes back to the PS1 game which was never designed for the Xbox system.

Walker2121d ago ShowReplies(2)
brian1985FM2121d ago

I knew it. MGS4 on 360 is a pipedream.

torchic2120d ago

lol there's something very crushing about the word "pipedream" ahahaha

hard luck Microsoft, maybe next forever.

brian1985FM2120d ago

I wonder if it's another word for the male reproductive organ.... hmmmm.