GDC08: Nokia considering mobile MMOGs for N-Gage

Pocketgamer: "It appears that today is the day for rumours, so during a talk entitled Pushing the Mobile Gaming State of Art, Nokia's global head of production, J Dan Scott, said the company was looking at mobile Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

He didn't elaborate further on the statement, which was contained towards the end of his speech that set out Nokia's vision for N-Gage in terms of the games it is publishing (something we expect to hear a lot more about during the next few days)."

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BigKev453743d ago

In unrelated news, Jason Kidd has been traded to the Mavs!

ISA_Scum3743d ago

Da Bears cut Moose, Darwin Walker and Fred Miller yesterday to make room for signing Bernard Berrian, Alan Faneca and OT Jeff Otah and QB Joe Flacco in rounds 1 and 2 and resigning Grossman to act as a wannabe QB for another year while Mr. Flacco gets ready to take my Bears back to the promise land!

Oh, and N-Gage sucks.