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EGM: "In nearly everything that Atlus has tried to accomplish in breathing new life into their much-beloved PS2 RPG Persona 4, they’ve accomplished masterfully on the Vita in Persona 4 Golden—and if there’s ever to be a Japanese RPG that can convince you of what the genre can be in its finest hours, it’ll be this one."

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MultiConsoleGamer1936d ago

Wow! This game is shaping up to be one of the highest rated games of the year.

dafegamer1936d ago

it is the highest rated game of the year :)

Protagonist1936d ago

"Some" just can´t take that a PSVITA game is the highest rated game this year.

vikingland11936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Sorry my bad I read the right side and not the left side.

MasterCornholio1936d ago


Even though its an enhanced port of the PS2 version some people cant stand that it isn´t on the other portable device. I cant wait to get my hands on it because it has been an extremely long time since i played a quality JRPG.

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Anon19741936d ago

I used to love JRPG's back on the PSOne, and I dabbled a bit in them on the PSP, but I think this one needs to find a home on my Vita this Christmas.

3-4-51936d ago

It sounds/ looks like it may be in the top 30 Highest rated games ever on any platform....

Not sure if I could deal with the highschool simulator thing though. I'm sure it's addicting but it's one of the things holding me back from getting it.

That and all the Evil/weird stuff in it and games like them.

I watched a gameplay video of persona 3 i think it was and the character blew his head out with a gun for his " move "...I was like WTF..= instantly turned off.

Hicken1936d ago

It's called context. They're not guns, but evokers, and there's a very good reason for that action being required for their "move"(by the way, that's only for Persona 3).

To be honest, it sounds like a bunch of excuses for NOT buying the game. If you're interested, get it. Hell, get the PS2 version if you're not sold on the Vita version. Get P3, P3FES, or P3P (all of which you can find used for various consoles) and give em a shot. Don't like em? Return em.

But don't start that crap you see all the time, with someone saying the same thing in every article they go into.

Yeah, we know about the "guns." That was in the previous game. Catch up, man.

cmpunk531936d ago

Totally deserving and to think that EGM gave it a perfect score. I wish they would also "enhance" persona 3 portable.

Hanso1936d ago

wow highest rated game this year for us and 2013 for eu and only on vita

Mystickay861936d ago

I bought Persona Golden. BEFORE I bought the Vita. That is how much hype I was :).

1nsomniac1936d ago

Eurgh... another silly little Japanese kids game, when will gaming ever grow up (prepare for the backlash hehe - true though)

fabod861936d ago

"another silly little Japanese kids game"... i see only one childish here and it's not the game. -.-

andibandit1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I love RPG's and im sure this game is fantastic, but i just can't bring myself to play JRPG's. I dont know why, i guess i usually find the whole setting unrealistic and im unable to immerse myself in the JRPG games.

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