Let’s Try And Fight Those Fanboy Urges, OK? It’s been a peaceful few years, hasn’t it? As the current generation of consoles got cheaper, more and more people were able to buy more than one of them. They could play, and enjoy, games across different systems. And as a result, stopping being so emotionally invested in the one system they did own, to the detriment of others.

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GreenRanger2001d ago

I think the article image that i added is appropriate, seeing as this is from Kotaku.

GreenRanger2001d ago

LOL, disagrees for something you all agree with.
Typical N4G. :-)

Sanquine902001d ago

Hahaha, is this kotaku? The guys who post 30 articles how sony is doomed and the ps3/psvita is doomed :')

Tomonobu Itagaki2001d ago

What's up with Kotaku recently? Been a while I haven't read anything about them, I thought they were banned from N4G just like HipHopGamer, and now we have like dozens of articles from Kotaku on every page of N4G.

csreynolds2001d ago

Trying to mute fanboyism? You'd have more success trying to separate corruption from government... #GoodLuck

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