Review: Black Ops 2 [Gamedwellers]

Gamedwellers reviews Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

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Zuperman2005d ago

Black Ops 2 5/5? lmfao somebody want's free gear from Activison.

"Black Ops 2 is a fantastic bundle of joy. It adds a whole bunch of new content and still remains to keep that same old feel to it which I am addicted to."

What a new content? Same Guns, New maps easily can become a DLC.

brodychet2005d ago

great game if they fixed hit detection and lag compensation.

Zuperman2005d ago

it's a horrible game all around.

gamernova2005d ago

Great game! White the new pick 10, shock charges, point system killstreaks, and the always epic single player I am Having a really good time.

Voyevoda2004d ago

My ps3 keeps randomly turning off while playing blopsII