Iwata doesn’t want to label anything Nintendo does as a success

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has gone on the record and said that he doesn't want to label anything the company does as a success.

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jc485731845d ago

what does that say about Reggie?

Zuperman1844d ago

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Akuma-1844d ago

i guess he would rather people label nintendo as a gimmick company and he'd be right

Sanquine901844d ago

Iwata and any japanese game changers like Keiji Inafune are shy and not arrogant. Than someone like reggie or jack tretton ( sorry , i love jack more because the guy has so much more personality and reggie... my body is ready xD)

jc485731844d ago

what? I like Inafune mainly because of his arrogance.

Kevlar0091844d ago

That Reggie is Nintendo's Hype Man. Reggie is trying to raise expectations, Iwata is trying to control them

Let's see if Reggie will eat or savor his own words

doogiebear1844d ago

Actually I think Reggie and Iwata are purposefully playing Good Cop, Bad Cop. Reggie talks junk to overhype things, while Iwata saves the company face in case the Wii u flops.

GreenRanger1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Nice to see that he's not arrogant.
As history has shown, arrogance is usually a prerequisite to disaster.

lilbroRx1845d ago


KangarooSam1844d ago

Yeah, cause Jack Tretton's arrogant.


WPX1844d ago


I think he meant Kutaragi. Tretton is cool.

Whitefox7891844d ago

@WPX You don't really need to worry about Ken, his only affiliation with Sony now is as a senior technology advisor.

So we won't have to worry about games utilizing 4D, wait a second they already do I've gone into the future so many times after I was done playing a game :P

That-Guy1844d ago

Good to hear. He's got character.

Chrono1844d ago

Iwata is probably ashamed of Reggie's statements

Sanquine901844d ago

You sir got you extra bubble