1UP Previews: Age of Conan

1UP writes:

"The first thing I said when I walked into the Age of Conan demo at this week's GDC was "Show me them titties." I had seen former 1UPer Patrick Klepek's write-up of the first mature rated MMORPG in MTV's Multiplayer blog last week and I wanted to see what all the hubba-hubba that coined the term 'Nipplegate' was about.

As soon as I asked this question one of the developers cued up a video (from a clearly marked and prominently placed file on his desktop) that demonstrated the proprietary 'Dreamworld' engine's power to create realistic jiggle jug action. A topless woman danced, rather stiffly, near a waterfall while some siren cried out a song expressly meant for dancing topless before waterfalls. She looked to be about a C-cup, but also didn't look like anything you'd turn down actual live-action porn for."

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