Wii Mini size dimensions still MIA Almost out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced a Wii Mini console that is going to be available to buy in early December. The console is going to be available for an affordable $99, but there are some big shocks in store for interested consumers – including the confirmation that the Wii U is only going to be available to buy in Canada.

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Wigriff1878d ago

"...the Wii Mini will not have any internet features at all – ie, no WiFi or Wired internet."

Sure, the Wii Mini doesn't have internet capabilities right out of the box. I'm willing to bet, though, that Nintendo will offer an external 56K V.90 voiceband modem for about $50 in the near future. I bet it'll look sexy as hell, too. :P

tr00p3r1878d ago

56k? I thought those days were well and truly behind us?


greenmeanie1878d ago

Rip off! Cant even download games fromt he wii shop channel! Ridiculous!

danswayuk1878d ago

I understand a Mini a year down the line or longer, but already....crazy.

GreenRanger1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

It's a mini Wii, not a mini Wii U.

Snookies121877d ago

Lol! 100 dollars for this... I got a used Wii at Gamestop that can still play Gamecube AND connect to the internet for about 70... XD

josephayal1877d ago

No internet hmm?? No sorry i'll keep my old wii it's still NEW

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