Largest Medal of Honor community site shuts down after 'rushed' Warfighter release

PSU writes: "Today the directors of the Medal of Honor Headquarters (MOHHQ), the official community site for Electronic Art's Medal of Honor series, released the news that they will be shutting the doors at MOHHQ."

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shackdaddy1337d ago

I really wish EA would get their act together with MoH. I remember having such a wonderful time playing Allied Assault years ago...

Kyosuke_Sanada1337d ago

Frontline and PS One Classics for me. It's like watching a one legged dog dig it's own grave now......

jjb19811336d ago

Or like watching a cat cover his poo on the sidewalk...

d0nT wOrrY1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Oohh Allied Assault is one of the BEST FPS I've ever
played. Me and my friends arranged a LAN game last week and we had a blast..
Long life MOHAA.

GearSkiN1336d ago

This better be a lesson to bf4 also if they release it next year...

banjadude1336d ago

To me Allied Assault was/is the best... EVER (of the entire MOH series).

BattleAxe1336d ago

Medal of Honor was great in the PSOne days, and Medal of Honor: Frontline is a classic, but I also loved Medal of Honor: Airborne. Seeing as how nobody is really making WW2 shooters anymore, I really think EA should capitalize on that niche part of the market. They need to put a seriously large budget behind the next game, otherwise they shoulnd't even bother.

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Majin-vegeta1337d ago

Stupid EA when will you learn stop going after the 12 year olds at COD and go back to making MOH awesome.

DeadlyFire1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Its better to remember the good days and let MoH die I believe. EA can't do anything with it. Scrap MoH and build sequels off the title BLACK! That would work out much better.

Mocat1337d ago

So you would rather have them ruin another good game, just let Black be a good memory

bubblebeam1337d ago

Black has not aged well at all. Trust me. It was a great game graphically, but let down in the game-play and story department.

I'd rather they just made a new IP, as Black didn't really have a memorable plot and characters. It was a good game last gen, and that's all.

Hufandpuf1337d ago

If I worked at EA and read that statement, I'd be really depressed.

TimNunes1337d ago

From the way that things have gone, I highly doubt that the guys at EA are really looking at consumer opinions on the matter...

emartini1337d ago

I honestly thought the MOH 2010 outings multiplayer was a whole lot of fun. But then again Dice made the MP for MOH that year. I thought Warfighter had a pretty good campaign but awful Multiplayer.

mcstorm1337d ago

Ive not played this game but I had the last MoH and I really enjoyed it. The game was not the best game I have ever played but it was a fun game and MP was fun to.

I tried the beta of this game and could not get into it and did not bother picking this game up.

I think EA should drop MoH again until later on next gen and look at building on the BF name and release this game every 2 years with DLC over the 2 years to keep the game going.

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The story is too old to be commented.