Xbox not up to scratch, say gamers

Hardware problems with early models of the Xbox 360 have proved a high-profile thorn in Microsoft's ambitions to dominate the console market. The worst and most widespread of these - the infamous "red ring of death" (RROD) - moved the company to extend its 12-month warranty to three years last June.

But reports of other hardware problems such as faulty disc drives and scratched game discs not covered in the extended warranty, have also persisted - although Microsoft has never acknowledged these as flaws.

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P4KY B3836d ago

My 360 scratched my Halo 3.
My 360 has persistent read errors while playing Forza 2. So much so that I wont even play enduro races because I know that it will have an error at the end and it will not save.

And this is 2 weeks after getting it back from the repair centre.

JsonHenry3836d ago

I wonder what causes this problem? I bought my Premium the within the first hour of them going on sale and I NEVER have had any problems with mine.

My buddy back home also bought his core the first day as well and his has never broke down. However, he did have to open his case up and put artic silver on his heatsink because it was getting too hot. Someone at the factory never took the plastic off of the heatsink paste when they put it on the CPU. Is it possible all these are because of that reason? Getting too hot maybe?

i Shank u3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

do you only get the disc read error with Forza? They same thing happens to me, but with Mass Effect. Everytime I play mass effect i have to remember to save ALOT, because at seemingly random times i'll hear the disc just stop spinning and the read error comes up. Only game is does it to me on.

also, i have had 2 discs scratched in my 360. the problem is, i knocked my 360 over while it was on for both of them. guess i gotta blame myself on that one, wasnt too big a deal since i got out the Brasso and fixed them up with that. still verry lame that foam bumpers werent included.

Kleptic - I ran into the DRM issue after my 360 rrod (launch model = assured RRoD imo). One day i was bored and thought about just trying to redownload them onto my rrod-replacement 360. seemed to make sense, and it did. the 360 download history covers the entire history of downloads on the HDD, so i was able to select the games that werent working offline, and downloaded them all again for free and no hassles. they d.l in the background while i slept, and voila, no more DRM bullsh1t. yea its lame, but easily fixed

Kleptic3836d ago

the only person I know that has owned a 360 since launch is my 14 year old cousin...Him and his father went out the night before it released to camp out at Circuit City, which was his birthday also...

I remember the very first time I played it with him...he was getting the "freezing" problem...we were playing CoD 2, and the screen would freeze no matter what after about 5 minutes...but no RRoD, no error messages, nothing like could just restart the system, and it would be fine for 5 more minutes or so...he returned that to Circuit City, and they simply gave him another...

then the scratching started...playing PGR3 a few months later, he made the mistake of repositioning the 360 while playing the game...instantly ruined the disc, and sounded like a diesel generator...lesson learned...

another month or two later...he bought Dead Rising...that played great up until around when Gears released, but was seemingly chewed up for no apparent reason...yet he says he didn't move the system, I wasn't there for that one...

same system (2nd one)...Gets Gears of War...pops his 360 within a week...RRoD blinking, the only time I have seen it actually in person...gets the coffin (he had to pay for this though, it was about 3 days after the 1 year warranty was up)...sends it back...great turn around (everything was overnighted)...starts playing...and that 360 lasted until August 2007...broke the day his pre-order for bioshock came in...and he had to wait until after his Halo 3 preorder came in before he even received his new 360...which was an entirely different system, and he ran into all the DRM problems some have...

after last summer though he recieved his $130 back for the first RRoD repair...and last I heard his dad managed to get them to cough up 1,600 points towards repurchasing some of his DLC (Geometry Wars was all that I know he had)...

its a shame...the 360 did get some great titles last year...but the system is physical crap...I am not saying that in a fanboy sense, it has the power to do some impressive stuff...but seriously...that thing is junk from a reliability standpoint...there is/were no doubt some great games for it, with a few more on the way...but its frustrating that in order to enjoy some of those exclusives, you have to put up with one of the least reliable electronics ever made...

crck3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Its like thousands of tiny scratches going outward totally changing what a dvd read side should look like. Its almost like DVD art. haha Rented COD4 the other day from Blockbuster and got one of those dvds when I returned it the guy at the counter was like WTF? Although I must admit out of the 3 xbox 360s I've gone through none of them scratched any thing. Lucky I guess.

Chubear3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Why do you guys put up with that nonsense! Why?

Hundreds of dollars on a messed up hardware that's like playing digital Russian roullette with and possibly thousand of dollars in software and peripherals that you may not use cause of faulty hardware.

I ask again - why?!? Why do you support such crap? - That's crazy!

redninja3836d ago

The hardware problems are the reason I haven't purchased a 360 up to this point. Now, with the recent Blu-ray victory, I think I'll have to opt for a PS3 instead.

wallace10003835d ago

Hmm, i have never had mine scratch a disc before or have those read errors, i have never tried Forza though. I only know of a few people who had scratches discs but that is because they moved the 360 while it was on with the game in :-S foolish fools. I wonder if some trays are faulty and that is why the discs get scratched?????

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Gazman3836d ago

My Xbox 360 is up to scratch it scratched my dead rising, halo 3 and kameo discs.

v1c1ous3836d ago

it's worth the hazzle of getting up EVERY 10 HOURS just to switch the disc.

btw, what happened to all your bubbles man!? i remember you having like 40.

prunchess3836d ago

Trolling the PS3 section, that's what happened to his bubbles.

At the rate MS are going at they'll never release a reliable 360. When they do finally release their next xbox (1080?) nobody will want to risk their cash on a machine produced by a company that knowingly released a shoddy machine that was badly designed.

FirstknighT3836d ago

How's all that installing on the ps3??? That's so 80's.

Robearboy3836d ago

A Bit of a petulant remark, i could easily reply with "I have to install DMC for 20 minutes, its 2008!"

PS360WII3836d ago

Lost Odyssey is an amazing game and if you are trying to belittle it due to multi disc you don't even care about RPG's. This is the best I've played in awhile.

dantesparda3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Are you people stupid or what!? Games are still being installed on the PC today in 2008! And i dont ever remember installing a game in the 80's on a console, so recognize! So if anything, installing a game on a console, is so 2007. And while i agree that i dont want to be installing consoles games. Installing a game onto the HDD yields superior performance than running it off a disc which is way slower.

Im not saying im for installing games on consoles, especially for the reasons Capcom is doing it, but dont think for a second that installing games is inferior to running them of a disc. All that texture pop-in you get in GeOW and Mass Effect and countless other 360 games is due to the fact that the disc is too slow to load them in, in time. If they were ran of the HDD you would not have this problem. But why am i wasting my time trying to explain this to a bunch of fanboys?

Blademask3835d ago

What console in the 1980's had a hdd and installed software? Oh right. None.

Crysis.. the most advanced game known to man. Requires a HDD installation. Its part of the modern world.

From your comment, I mean. I understand where you tried to go. But with PC titles Installing/Uncharted running w/o install. Leave you with no ground to stand on :(

What Can I say.. PS3 owners like having any HDD size we want. And lower loading times in games. Unlike mandatory installs that Capcom decides to do.. RROD hits everyone.

Think harder next time guys.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3836d ago

or NOTHING will change.

the only person who can change this is YOU.

BrianC62343836d ago

So if you move your 360 while playing a game the disc will get scratched? I hope nobody was stupid enough to install a 360 in their car and play games while the car is moving. That would destroy their whole game collection.

By the way, if the 360 games were on Blu-ray discs they probably wouldn't get scratched. A huge advantage of Blu-ray is the disc surface is very thick and hard to scratch. Another win for Sony.

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