World's First Max Level Spartan in Halo 4

One guy finally reaches the maximum rank in Halo 4. Read the news article here!

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BALLARD322007d ago

That's a lot of Mountain Dew.

GearSkiN2006d ago

Mnt dew wont help u much really. He only use 76 codes and played a lot of spartan ops. Also uses. fast track.

Scarecrobot2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Well 76 codes and assuming thats all mtn dew bottles ( 3 2xp per code) then that would be 228 games of double xp. In Canada you can only have 200 codes but if its the same in the US i cant say. 76 codes is a lot, i have 4

SuperSonic2662006d ago

This guy must be a hit with the ladys

badvlad2006d ago

Probably he hit the floor when borned

blackstrr4112006d ago

Mehn that guy has a lot of free time

Unztayble2006d ago

...and guess what? he's single ladies!... yeah! lol! unoriginal but funny lol!

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The story is too old to be commented.