Shadow of the Colossus OST: SO GOOD

The Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack is breathtaking, and we look at why.

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Sketchy_Galore1913d ago

As a little person married to a large fat lady I find this soundtrack helps set the mood for our lovemaking.

Fullmetalevolust1913d ago

Do you also have to search for the "weak spot" and stab at it constantly as she tries to shake you off? (just playing along lol, funny comment)

Xwow20081913d ago

Yh its on of the best OSTs ever, i listen to it almost everyday :)

-Gespenst-1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

It's good alright. Koh Ohtani's stuff in general can be a little bit samey, and sometimes a little bit basic where it could use more intricacy, but it is overall imo a good soundtrack, probably one of his best.

When you're trying not to get sucked into the whirlwind at the end the music is just pitch perfect. Haunting, sad, beautiful, poignant agh so good.

CrescentFang1913d ago

I find it cool Otani was also the main composer for the Gundam Wing series. There were definitely some songs from that anime that are part of my childhood.
Well I hope the author plays the game soon, it's a fantastic experience!

BlaqMagiq241913d ago

I watched Gundam Wing and played Shadow, and didn't even know that! Where have I been lol! Anyway the Gundam Wing soundtrack is great but the Shadow soundtrack is a masterpiece!

HarvesterOSarow1913d ago

Such a good soundtrack! I have spent more time listening to this soundtrack in the last 7 years than I care to admit.

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