Mass Effect 3: Omega: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku: "It's an excellent addition to the game, one that gives the player a new take on a fan-favorite character and place."

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Donnieboi1840d ago

How u got 140 degrees of hits, when i'm the first to leave a comment? Stop boosting your own article for hits in hopes of attracting more people/hits. Boosters.

Megaton1840d ago

Watched it on YouTube this afternoon. It's nowhere near the quality of Shadow Broker. It's simply 2 - 3 hours of hallway shooter for the shiny new price of $15. Complete ripoff.

SageHonor1839d ago

It's only good for pop a mole derperus. That's it.

Aloren1839d ago

It's pretty close to shadow broker quality wise. Too bad it's more expensive, but it's a pretty good dlc.

ApolloTheBoss1839d ago

Never buy from EA games again.