Gamedaily: Patapon Review

Grant Holzhauer of Gamedaily writes: There are games that try to build upon and evolve an established formula, and then there is Patapon. By melding two genres together, rhythm and strategy, Patapon provides what amounts to a completely new type of game. Playing as the Mighty Patapon, you beat the war drums that lead the patapons into battle against their foes, the Zigatons, in order to reach earthend, where they hope to find the mysterious "It." At first glance, you might find the game to be simplistic, but don't let the minimalist art design and music fool you; this is an immensely challenging and rewarding game.

The music comes from Kemmei Adachi, the man behind Locoroco, so you know immediately that you're in for a treat. Patapon's soundtrack isn't quite as robust as that game, simply because the focus is more on drum beats than melodies, but the tunes are still undeniably catchy, and it won't take long for "pon pon pata pon" to get engrained in your brain. In addition, what the visuals lack in substance, they make up for in style. The patapons themselves are incredibly personable, and the environments and enemies look like they were ripped straight from the classic children's book, Where the Wild Things Are.

Despite replaying levels, there are always new treasures to unearth and more story to reveal. Patapon is obscure, but hopefully not to the point that the casual gamer will not overlook it, for it's one of the most original and refreshing (not to mention fun) games to grace the PSP.

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