Edge Review: Devil May Cry 4

Edge writes: Capcom pulls of the impossible, managing to ensure that a hardcore, 20-level epic can be enjoyed by the masses too.

On paper, Devil May Cry 4 looks like something horrible: a bloated spectacle for the God Of War crowd, full of maladjustments, contrivances and enough self-loathing to push Dante, its dazzling hero, completely out of frame. Who is this Nero, with his fresh face and demon arm, automating the very processes that make DMC so clever? How dare he vault effortlessly, at the touch of a button, over the heads of his enemies, racking up combos with nary a thought for distance or defense?

The truth is complicated, particularly because all of the above (bar the horrible bit) are true to a degree. In a bid to rescue his beloved Kyrie (pronounced Ki-ri-yay), a winsome opera singer abducted just as he was getting somewhere, Nero literally flies through a game that's more lenient, streamlined and accessible than any of its predecessors. More like Kratos than Dante, his role is to reach out, through an initially rather cheap grapple technique, to players who think a Crazy Combo comes with fries and a fizzy drink.

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Cyrus3653800d ago

Hmm an 8 out of 10 from Edge, one of the notoriously harshest magazine out there....

IQUITN4G3799d ago

Good solid game and that's reflected in this score.Gaiden raised the bar beyond what DMC does and so it takes a little more for it to stand out as astonishing.

Cynical-Gamerzus3799d ago

Played till the end changed charaters,then got lost returned it cause it got repetitive and seem like a wanna be Ninja Gaiden Clone!!!

THis game had potential..