PlayStation 3 leads software race for 2008

When it comes to home console software performance, few could argue against 2007 going into the history books as Microsoft's year. However, with no Halo 4 or BioShock 2 to help further the Xbox 360's impressive gaming run, the format playing field is once again wide open for all comers. But who will win out in 2008? Credit: MNgilen/Flickr

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Xeikon3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

The 360 will dominate software sales in 2008.

Multiplatform games are always best on 360. As well as many unannounced exclusives.

Also Killzone 2 should not be on that list. As Guerrilla Games have been around for 8 years and after 7 games released in that time, not one has been any good. In fact, given their track record Guerrilla Games are one of the worst developers in the world.

It seems unlikely it will be 8th time lucky for them.

Fishy Fingers3680d ago

If track records are you thing (slightly sad) then perhaps you should look at Sonys with the PS1 and PS2.

-EvoAnubis-3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

You can't accept one "track record" and deny another. Besides, Guerrilla Games has made at least one wee received game, being the PSP game.

I hope you're not counting the games that they made under the title of Lost Boy Games. That would make no sense.

sonarus3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Is it just me or is every single 360 exclusive on this list lol. I can only count 3 that arent there huxley, too human and left for dead. Thats kinda sad. PS3 has way more exclusives that 360 and so many of them got cut. Haze, infamous, FF13(HUGE CUT), socom, white knight story, the getaway 3 is also expected this yr. I dnt want to go on listing but thats just terrible. Even banjo made it in without a single screenshot shown or nothing. Thats TERRIBLE. Please someone prove me wrong and tell me they didnt jst throw every single 360 exclusive in there.

faisdotal3680d ago

PS3 will obviously dominate in '08.

Whoever thinks otherwise is denying reality.

Bebedora3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I've been at vgchartz lately and I found out that Bioshock hasn't sold as much as resistance has. I mean a "mediocre game" as that, selling more than Bioshock, the goty of 2007 by many.

There is one game that is multi-plat and is really big for xbox360 and that is GTA IV. That one is as big in sales as GT will be. That is 10+ milions, if the TREND for those two game franchises will be as is.

sonarus3680d ago

games without multiplayer dnt tend to sell as well. Resistance 2 may not even sell as well as one considering 1 came out at a time when there were no ps3 games.

green3680d ago

resistance was bundled with PS3 for a long time,Bioshock wasnt.So over 2million is very very good.

Bebedora3680d ago

Sure thing. Remember the install base too? PS3=10+ and XBOX is at 16+ millions too? I mean, most xb360 is in to FPS:s, so why didn't a GOTY game sell millions by now? (1,8M as of vhchartz).

FirstknighT3680d ago

Where are you guys getting your numbers from Bioshock? It's already known that they hit 2 million sold awhile ago.

Bebedora3680d ago

I guess the numbers a a bit low for all games. Motorstorm had 3M sold, vg has 2,7M. Resistance 2,3M and BioShock 1,8M. Oh well.. Had compare Resistance to be more than a fad though. I think it can be a great franchise that is.

green3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Stop using vgchartz.Their sales data for Bioshock,mass effect etc are way off.How were their north american hardware sales figures for all consoles 'terrible imprecise'.

2million for a new IP is fantastic without it being bundled.And don't forget it lunched a few weeks before Halo3 and that really crippled its sales.Even PGR4 that lunched during the halo3 lunch window sold badly.

So for the fact it still sold over 2million is great.And if your talikg install base please don't forget to use Gears of war on the 360,i am sure you remember how well it did.

mikeslemonade3680d ago

Stop downplaying Resistance 2. The only reason why it's lower on the list is because it might get delayed to 2009, but if it weren't for that I would swap Resistance 2 to my most anticipated game and put GTA4 at #16 or #17.

Bebedora3680d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

did only 5M+
I thought it would be as high as Halo 3. 7M+ I guess.

VG chartz are my only source to check out things with, sad I know.

2M is good. Very few reach that many copies. Resistance has reached 2M as well. Even if bundled by the PS3, so was Motorstorm, R&C as of late and Uncharted. None of those have reached this sale, but Motorstorm. I am talking sales, not my fav game (Uncharted and/or GHIII) of 2007.

[edit] I think VG has better check on the big guns like those I've mentioned here, so I think(hope) the numbers aren't so far fetched.

green3679d ago

how many new IP do you know that sold up to 5million copies,on a single platform and especially on the consoles 1st year of sales?

Bebedora3679d ago

@green: That's true. You have a point. Not many for sure. Gears are sure a great game too. And remember I didn't say anything of it being over-hyped. Just that it was crazy hyped. And FPS:es aren't my first choice when buying games, so I cannot understand people buying in to these games in en masse that it does. Resistance though, became a heck of a fun game when doing the story in co-op. =) My first FPS since I don't remember when.

green3679d ago

on that point i do agree with you.I am really tired of FPS at the moment,And looking forward to enjoying other genres.

masterg3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )


Sure is has sold well over 2mill..... NOT!!

1.54 million.. Not even VGC can be that wrong.

SolidSnake933679d ago

MP games will not make much of a difference and how are you sure that they will be better on 360.

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Fishy Fingers3680d ago

As an owner of both systems i get to play all the good games, but i have to say, 2008's PS3 line-up has me far more excited than last years 360's.

It appears that Sony really have every genre in the bag this year.

I know the die hard 360 fans will disagree but any real gamer (without bias) will admit that the big titles of this year are Sonys.

InMyOpinion3680d ago

I like the 360 better in general (except for RROD lol) when looking at online features/functionality and games so far, but I think the PS3 has the best exclusive releases for 2008 hands down.

2008 will be for the PS3 what 2007 was for the 360, and even bigger I predict.

Fishy Fingers3680d ago

oh dont get me wrong, i love the 360! Mine has never RROD on me but maybe thats because i spread my gaming over 360/PS3/PC.

I also agree Live is a better service but honestly as long as i can play me games online when i want i dont care about the rest, my PC is my media hub not either of my console (although sometimes i do use them).

But personally i buy the systems for their exclusives.

camelio3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

"I like the 360 better in general (except for RROD lol) when looking at online features/functionality and games so far"

That don't make sense, cause when u say "IN GENERAL" the PS3 actually has more going for it "IN GENERAL"(better value with a bluray, WIFI, HDD, Cell, better coming exclusives, Home, bla bla bla) the points you made about 360's online features and games SO FAR are the only things its got over the PS3.
Obviously forget the massive failure rates, I mean it will be funny 2 see them launch that IPTV thing cause 360 owners will have to leave their consoles on for longer periods...OOOOO I dredd da RED RING OF DEATH MASSACRE.
I still don't get it, I had an xbox 360 and the only thing that made me change sides was the hardware. I mean, why do people support a freaking time bomb, caus thats what it really is...Just counting down one RED RING at a time...I mean WTF...I mean is it the money, cant ppl afford a PS3 OR what???

InMyOpinion3679d ago

I'm playing games right now, in present time. It's hard to play whats not here yet, don't you think? There are great things coming to PSN this year, but it's not here now. You wrote 'SO FAR', and that's what matters right now.

Blu-Ray, Wifi etc is cool if you're into that stuff. I wrote about the things that matter to me at the moment. If they get rid of the big lag issues and get more content on PSN it will be great. But still, it's free so you can't complain too much.

RROD doesn't bother me as long as my 360 is working as smooth as it does now. I'm not denying that the whole RROD thing stinks but I don't live in fear that it will happen to me again since my 360 console got properly fixed (motherboard, BENQ drive + they ran several endurance tests on it). And if it breaks down again I can get it repaired for free. The reliability of the PS3 is a big big plus though.

I'm gonna buy a PS3 once they bundle it with HD-cables and a dual-shock controller. Don't feel like paying extra for that after I've bought it.

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TheMART3680d ago

Microsoft announces for the year, right here right now.

They still have their Pandora box with games to be announced for the GDC, the year 2008 which will probably take the software lead for 2008 like they did in 2007.

I think it's wise to keep a close eye to Microsofts press conference

LastDance3679d ago

I kept a close eye on that box that RROD'd in their booth.

I do hope theres something along the lines of Goldeneye remake. I can still play that game today and have as much fun as i do some of the newer ones!

Killer instinct would be friggin good 2!

forcefullpower3680d ago

Microsoft will have nothing exclusive for this year. They will talk about games that are in project and be 2 to 3 years away from release.

There is no way companies will be releasing games this year no one has heard about. Information gets leaked to easily.

Stop clutching at straws hoping to get one over PS3 exclusives for this year. You are all starting to look really desperate.

TheMART3680d ago


Games like:

Fable 2
Too Human
Alan Wake
Gears of War 2
Banjoo K. 3
Halo Wars

Already sound like some main hits this year. And if there are several still not announced... We'll hear this week @ GDC!

she00win993680d ago

why do you include banjoo in you're list, it's a game for retarded people. the plot of alan wake is similar to silent hill 2, and fable 2, we all know fable 1 is a huge disappointment just like killzone 1, so don't count on it...

TheMART3679d ago

If Banjoo is for retarded people, what game is a guy crawling over the ground in a string and a guard doesn't see him (he has salamander colours right) for then?

To prove you completely wrong, Killzone and Fable scores:

Killzone 73% average score

Fable 85% average score.

Thus: Killzone says something about Guerilla, that makes KZ2 also. They suck.

FirstknighT3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

What does the ps3 have? All I see is MGS and GT. Those are huge hitters. But why do you guys think that all the other sony exclusives are going to be big? I mean cmon....Infamous? Getaway 3? The ps3's current exclusive lineup has a few bombs: Genji, Lair, Dark Kingdom, Time Crisis, NBA 07, Folklore, Eye of Judgement, etc... I remember hearing about 2007's monster exclusive lineup and we all know how most of these games completely bombed. So why all of a sudden 2008 will be any better?

Fishy Fingers3680d ago

Im new to N4G but im guessing your one of those people who care more about the platform than games.

Am i right?

Sorry im just trying to get a feel for this place.

heyheyhey3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

you kinda nailed it fishy


you are beyond help mate- every company says their year will be good, have you ever heard a company say this:

"yeah well i think we should have an alright year but we're not expecting too much"

no i don't think you have and it's not like 2007 was BAD for Sony- yeah perhaps they were heavily under fire from fanboys like you, but meanwhile they had some great exclusive releases (Uncharted, Ratchet, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Resistance etc etc), outsold the 360 and won the format war- so not a bad year at all

and why should this year be any better? well because most of Sony's armada of studios are releasing their games THIS year and there are also plenty of great 3rd party exclusives like MGS4, LA Noire, RDR2 and so on

so you can sit there in denial calling the PS3 crap and whatnot while i go off and play some good games

and BTW Folklore is not a bomb- your just following the holy words of your grand masters Zhuk and POG, and Lair wasn't THAT bad and finally- NBA 07 might not be 2K7 but its much better than Live 07 and has the best shooting mechanics of all 3

EDIT: and why do you instantly presume that Infamous and Getaway are going to bomb?

Infamous has an excellent premise and is being made by a company with a great track record (Sucker Punch) that is known to be able to make fun games

the Getaway has never been GTA, but has always been a nice alternative to it and its set in London which is cool

plus have you SEEN the the trailers and demos? the representation of london is amazing (and i should know because i live in it)

FirstknighT3679d ago

Lair wasn't that bad??? Your whole post was ruined with that lil comment.

LastDance3679d ago

Yea nah heyheyhey your a good dude and i usually agree with stuff you say but bad controlling was the best thing that could have happened to lair. It took the press away from the fact that it was awful.

badddddddddddddd game!

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