Is Stealth Gaming Back in Style?

A look at current stealth games and whether they will be relevant in the future.

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Jackhass1976d ago

I hope so! One of my favorite genres!

Unztayble1976d ago

Same here. I love games that encourage no kill playthroughs or no detection playthroughs. Definitely one my favorite genres as well.

lastdual1976d ago

It's back, but as an option rather than a dedicated genre.

These days the tagline is: "You can use stealth . . . or go in gunz blazing!!!"

I'm glad for any stealth at all, but I do miss pure stealth games like Thief.

PickAShoe1976d ago

I love octocamo in metal gear solid 4, I hope we can use that again.

camel_toad1976d ago

Dishonored, Mark of the Ninja, Hitman, Deus Ex - All of them great imo if you're a stealth fan.


And Damn it Fisher 3 : Chaos Theory blows em all out of the water to this day..
Nothing is better than slicing with the KNIFE !

Shadonic1976d ago

Wish it was miss me some hardcore stealth

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The story is too old to be commented.